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Jun 15, 2014
Hey Guys

I'm running a campaign with an enforcer gang who has an inventor. It states in the rules that if somethings invented it can be given to anyone in the squad. Does this include weapons? i.e power weapons/OIAM weapons etc. And if so how does it fit into the enforcer weapon restrictions

Thanks and great site btw
Thanks, that's what I thought. I decided to plus the cost of extra equipment they gain to the patrol squad rating. So would be 1000 + exp + extra gear. Do you think that seems fair?
The LRB justice in the underhive ones. I showed the guy playing them the revamped version put he wanted to stick to the originals.

I do have another question about the suppression shields. Do you stack them with the carapace and just make a single 2+ save, or is it a separate roll as well as the carapace save?
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I'd say they would be two separate armour saves, at least that is how we had done it when I faced down a Jakara.
Hard As Nails and a forcefield would stack, but the suppression shield wouldn't in my view
The difference is the shield offers a +2 bonus to armour

It doesn't say like all other forms of armour that it offers an X+ save.

So mesh is a 5+ save. Add the shield it gives +2 making it a 3+.

Also note a model may only ever make one armour save
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Forcefield affects enemy strength and save modifier for shots and attacks hitting you

hard as nails isnt an armor save so you can have it and an armor save.

and the jakaras shield is a special case, like an unmodified save from the orrus, they are special saves, not armor saves
Sorry, should have been clearer, I meant Forcefield would stack as in, although it counts as an armour in it's group type, a model with, say Carapace, could still use it. It's the one time Armour Types (same rulebook section) can be worn by the same person.

Damn, also, I meant Iron Jaw, not HaN. I had just woke up, okay?!?!
I don't know about exact wording (cba to look it up now), but I know we've always played it as a 2+ save for enforcers with shields, rather than a second save