Enforcer Questions


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Dec 1, 2014
I am not sure which version of the rules I am using, but it reads it is "By Jervis Johnson, based on original material by Andy Chambers" So I have a couple questions that I want to be sure about

1. When giving them their starting gear there is a small portion that reads:

In addition each member of the squad may be armed with
one of the sets of weapons from the following list.
Equipment may not be changed during the campaign.
• Up to one member of the squad may have a heavy
• Up to one member of the squad may have a flamer, or
a plasma gun, or a grenade launcher equipped with
choke, frag and krak grenades.
• Any member of the squad may be armed with a bolt
gun or combat shotgun or power maul or
suppression shield.
• Any model may replace their bolt pistol with a power
maul and suppression shield.
• Any member of the squad may be armed with meltabombs
and photon flash flares.

I am taking this as that I can give each one only one of these choices. As in I could not give the enforcer with the heavy stubber a combat shotgun or the meltabombs/flash flares as they are in another group. Am I correct in this assumption?

2. Every member of the squad has carapace armour and this reduces their initiative by 1. I would assume that this would be included in their profiles which gives basic enforcers an initiative of 3. So is this already included into the profile or would the enforcers now have initiative of 2.

Thank you for reading and answering my questions. I hope they make sense.
1. Yes

2. No

Two is no because the characteristic line is meant to read as that of the standard and so the add-ons of the Carapace are extra modifiers to the normal stat. Just keep them close together and away from edges and they will make it home for dinner.
And remember that they all have the ferocity skill that lets them re-roll I tests (I think, my memory may be playing tricks on me), so even though they are I2 they still get up from pinned fairly reliably