Enforcer Riot Suppression Bullgryn


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Feb 17, 2011
Muswell Hill, UK
I was building my Ogryns and put together a wicked guy with slab shield and shock maul, and thought 'This guy is just what an Enforcer team needs to even the odds against a full on uprising.'

So here we go: The Enforcer Bullgryn. It's a pretty straightforward mini, with lots of nice synergy with skills and equipment to make up for his lack of ranged punch and to fit his riot suppression role.


May be seconded by Enforcer teams for certain scenarios, or if their Gang Rating is below their opponents by 300 or more.

M5 WS3 BS3 S5 T4 W3 I3 A2 LD6​

Skills: Bulging Biceps, Juggernaut, Iron Jaw, Body Slam, True Grit, Impetuous​

Equipment: Shock Maul, Slab Shield, Respirator, Photo Visor, Smoke Grenades, Choke Grenades​

Slab Shield:​
  • Provides a 3+ armour save vs shooting attacks originating in the front 90 degree arc
  • In close combat it provides a 5+ armour save. It is a one-handed CC weapon which confers +1 strength and reduces the opponents attacks by 1 (to a minimum of 1.)
Pics will be required. :)

Why does the slab shield act as a flail/tentacle?
@Blood Donor Sure, fair point. I need to check what eg. the existing Ogryn bodyguard rules are. Partly I was thinking that as someone who needs to be in CC to do any damage at all, M5 was a reasonable bonus. I'm very much thinking of it as due to the size of his stride.

Also he's only armoured by the slab shield, which seems to me like he could keep up a fair pace even while covering himself.

Happy to consider bringing it down to M4, especially if the other Ogryn stats indicate that.

@trollmeat I decided on the stats for the shield based on the riot shield for existing enforcers, but with some buffs due to the huge size of it. When you see the pic you'll see what I mean!

Enforcer shields give the armour save and can be used as a one handed CC weapon, I think they also give parry. In the case of this guy I'm thinking that it has a similar effect to the 2H sword or axe, as it is very protective as well as huge and heavy. Perhaps it should also have the 2-hander downside that Opponents win draws? Although it feels like a guy with a shield the size of a garage door should not auto-lose draws! Maybe nobody wins a draw, eg. it's easy for him to stalemate a combat? Also his I is low so he wouldn't be winning many draws without help.

I am unsure whether the +1S is too much though, as that is enough to make half of his CC hits high impact with Bulging Biceps and S5. Perhaps just going with the -1A is enough as his S5/6 is enough to make it a scary weapon.

When we were talking about an Enforcer Ogryn in the group (just chatting during a game) we imagined that he might come in some kind of vehicle - like one of the newish Tauroxes - and pop out of the back like the Kool-Aid guy ready to f**k shit up.
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Cant wait to see the pic of this dude!

Looks sufficiently scary as is tbh, I wouldn't worry about the high impact side of stuff, just get whacked round the upside of the head by hulk and see how you feel about referring to that as a 'low' impact :p
Yeah, as I was sketching the rules down I was getting really into the combo of the good armour save (+Iron Jaw so his front arc save is 2+!), juggernaut, high strength, true grit. It feels like he does one thing but he does it exceptionally well.

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether he should get Nerves of Steel as well - otherwise he could get pin-locked quite easily if he is actually wounded.
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Nerves is a must tbh, that was a huge issue years ago when a mate tried to write up rules for a enfocrcer gang and forgot nerves... his patrol spent the entire game getting pin locked for ever
I was under the impression Impetuous gave a 4" move while pinned. It isn't a run, but it's better than 2". Since this is a melee model, the lost shooting opportunity isn't much of an issue.
It does give that too, but it's included here so that he is harder to run from after a combat.

If he's pin-locked then he can't charge, and his Initiative is only 3 so he's only got 50% chance to escape pinning. As a CC model shutting down his ability to charge makes him useless.
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Been planning to get a box of those myself though I feel the model and for theme it should be wearing Carapace Armour as well as having the big arsed shield, the armour plates on the model are about as thick as a humans Arm!! Honestly I'd stick with a standard Ogryn profile and just add skills and equipment to match a shock team member (but with the big shield) which is
M5 Ws4 Bs2 S5 T4 W3 I2 A2 LD7 which should be enough to scare people especially with a 4+/2+ save Iron Will, Bulging Biceps, Nerves, Killer Rep.
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.oO(Always played that models on bases larger than 25mm are Large Targets - Feels more thematic even if they aren't more than 2" tall/wide)
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Nah, I'll keep him without the armour because I've already made the model :D The fluff explanation is that the enforcers don't have access to Ogryn-sized armour, or something like that!
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