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This thread is for the discussion of Enforcers for the forthcoming OCE. Please keep all discussion focused only on Enforcers and their rules.
The OCE thread can be found here, with the most recent downloadable version of the OCE available in the first post.
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I've attached the three documents I have of Enforcers Rules. Hopefully they can act as a good jump off for picking out what works and what should be omitted in making an OCE Enforcers Mock-Up, which, upon completion (a term used roughly ;)), could be integrated into the OCE.

The first document is the rules written by @Jaws, available from the Vault, Jaws Enforcers 3.1

The second are Robert J. Reiner's revamp of the original rules, Enforcers: Part 1 - Gang Revamp

The third is from @Anthony on his website, http://caiysware.com/necromunda, Enforcement Squad

The original rules for Enforcers can be found on page 60 of the Necromunda Compilation II v.I, which was added to YakTribe by @ArbitorIan (I think). I think these sources can really help forge out the best set of rules for Enforcers, who like Ratskins have a lot of resources already available to draw from.


  • Jaws Enforcers v3.1.pdf
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  • Enforcers - Part 1 - Gang Revamp.pdf
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  • Enforcement-Squad.doc
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Argh, I love all those rule sets, there seems to be a lot of cross overs.

Few intial thoughts. Not sure how territory should be handled, but I would be wary of trying to add too much in general for the gang and this may take up a lot of room in the OCE (although I suppose its adding new pages rather than trying to fit into existing formatting).

I also think the intial questions have to be whether the gang uses creds to buy members, or if it has fixed limits and free replacements etc.
My first suggestion is that Handler should be an optional role for the Specialists. So if you have two Specialists, one could have the Heavy Weapon and the other could be a Handler, or two Handlers, or two Special Weapons, or two Heavy Weapons, or three oranges and a grapefruit.
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Hey! That's my Enforcers, Scavvies and Judge pictured in Reiner's revamp!

I'd suggest using Reiner's work as the baseline to develop from, I used those rules exclusively while he was writing them and they're pretty tight.
Weird, apparently Jaws enforcers can't have Bolt Pistols, only Auto or Las. Have I missed it somewhere?
And why these costs like "81", "27", etc? It's usual to have prices in multiple of five. There is a reason for it?
Yeah I'm not sure where those numbers would come from. One of the things about the Jaws Enforcers I noticed was that the recruitment costs section seemed pretty buried in its current format. Although @Anthony always has the lay-out of things pretty spot on so it definitely would not be an issue in the final rounds. Reiner's seems to be the baseline for sure, I will try and give all three documents a solid enough run through over the next week or so to provide feedback of any type on what aspects from the other rules I think stand out.
I've been using the original Jervis Johnson rules from 'Justice In The Underhive' which I don't have too much of a problem with, but I do find them a tad boring when you consider that you can't purchase further equipment, and there's no income or outgoings etc. Ideal if you're playing an arbitrary role in your campaign and don't want to worry much about the running of your own gang. Or losing all your Enforcers and not being able to handle the other gangs too well.

Having just recapped on Reiner's rules, I find them quite agreeable, and imagine them more fun to use. Not really sure why enforcer armour has a 5+ save rather than the standard 4+ that the sergeant has for his armour. Surely carapace is carapace? Maybe this balances out the fact you take a 7 man squad, rather than the 5 man squad of the original rules? One thing that does stand out is that you can't take a pistol and Power Maul as your initial weapons load out, which is one of my preferred options.

I have previously looked at Jaws' rules but will recap on them and add some further musings(random bollocks) later.
My first suggestion is that Handler should be an optional role for the Specialists. So if you have two Specialists, one could have the Heavy Weapon and the other could be a Handler, or two Handlers, or two Special Weapons, or two Heavy Weapons, or three oranges and a grapefruit.

So would that be in addition to the 1 handler you already have? Or instead of? Because I quite like being able to have a heavy weapon, a special weapon, and a handler. If you eradicate the compulsory handler then one of each is no longer an option.

On the other hand, if it's as well as the compulsory handler then that makes for some interesting and varied line ups. Like 3 handlers! I would still suggest only one heavy and one special though, so basically you can swap heavy and/or special for another handler, but not special for heavy, or heavy for special.

By your standards I think that means 3 pineapples and two mangos with a kiwi or melon, but not 5 apples with a banana!
If you say that you have 3 specialists, but only 2 can turn up at a time? This is assuming you use the precinct sizes where you have a rotation of officers... that way you could have say 10 or 12 full time members, of which your sarge is always present (if you want him to), then everyone else does a max of 2 games in a row (unless you have no replacements), and only 2 specialists at a time max. Specs could then be 0-1 heavy weps, special weps or handlers...

Only thing I'm not sure about is how to calculate how many men you get on the patrol. Maybe something like enemy gang rating divided by 200. so a gang rating or 1200 (starting gang ish) you would get 6 members, wheras if they had a rating of 1800 then you would get 9 guys. Dunno if that works or is too much though
It's a pain in the arse rotating members, I've been using the original ten man squad rules recently and frequently get frustrated when starting battles.

You have to calculate your gang rating manually for every game according to which members you are taking, then when you roll up the scenario you realise you've got completely the wrong selection of enforcers, by which time it's too late.

Keeping track of who's been in which games can also be an annoyance. Although rotation does allow for filling in gaps whilst enforcers are off on medicals.

I think the standard 7 man squad size, +overtime enforcers against larger opponents keeps the basic running of the gang simpler.

Perhaps run some numbers and see how over powered a 7 man squad is with it's starting equipment, based on gang rating?
okay, using NCE costs, and assuming 15 creds for a shield and 5 for excutioner shells then balanced load out comes to 1310 in creds alone (detailed breakdown below). When you factor in exp plus starting skills then get very high rating... and thats before a spec weapon, or mastiff get in...

Detailed breakdown:
Sarge, carapace, plasma pistol, shock maul
heavy, carapace, heavy stubber
enforcer, carapace, shock maul, suppression shield
enforcer, carapace, shock maul, suppression shield
enforcer, carapace, shotgun, excutioner rounds, bolt pistol
enforcer, carapace, shotgun, excutioner rounds, bolt pistol
enforcer, carapace, shotgun, excutioner rounds, bolt pistol

Thats a fairly light load out (no nades, visors, contacts, back up for heavy, etc etc) and its already massivly more than a usual gang... I'd estimate a starting gang rating would be pushing 1800's without breaking sweat which is a lot against maybe 1200-1300 starting usual gang...
I agree, that's huge. You can count the carapace as mesh for all but the seargeant, which loses a further 210cr. As per the 5+ enforcer armour.

It's still adding up to a lot though.
Ah my bad, I thought they had carapace each. I think the first thing would be work out whether it'd be fixed number in the patrol then, or scaling, or what.

To get round the rating thing, maybe have it as a fixed amount that way your not trying to work it out before each game (same logic as gunfight scenario or whatever, where the other gang dont know who turned up, only that they fought the law (and the law won!))
Rather than jumping straight in at the details end, do you think we should choose a basic dynamic of how we'd like it to work. Almost like a brief?

As in do people want either:

a) A more arbitrary type squad without worrying about expenses, recruitment, extra weaponry and the like.


b) An enforcer squad that works a bit more like a house gang, with territories, income, opportunity to purchase equipment. With possibly recruitment cost or wages?
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