N18 Enforcer skills question regarding Leadership


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Hello all,

I'm a bit confused about leadership skills for enforcers. On 63 of the Dark Uprising book it states

"Regardless of gang, all Leaders and Champions hace access to the leadership skill set. This is treated as a Primary skill set for Leaders
and as a Secondary Skill set for champions."

Yet, in the same book on page 104, the Captain of an enforcer gang has leadership listed as a secondary skill.

I've had a butchers at FAQs and tried searching online for an answer, but to no avail.

Any thoughts on which way it should be?
It was picked up in a FAQ?
Not that I know of. I think Kiro's answer above was misconstructed as coming from an FAQ while it's more of a general 'specific beats generic' unwritten rule.

Interestingly, the book of judgement reads "Regardless of House, all Leaders and Champions have access to the Leadership skill set" which is copy/pasted from GotU even though it arguably doesn't apply to Enforcers (as they are not an House gangs).
They went out of their way to replace 'house' with 'gang' in Dark Uprising but it still doesn't apply to half the gangs in the book (unless the Palatine Captain was supposed to have access to Leadership skills all along which, quite frankly, would make more sense to me — then again, elite cops are also unremarkable shots from some reason in this version of Necromunda, so what do I know?)