Feb 26, 2020
Been involved in a campaign out my local FLGS and in a suprising twist my enforcers have been pretty solid, well inside the top 3rd! At the halfway point i'm now having the classic lack of funds issue but my main challenge seems to be what skills to progress my champs/juves with. I have a CC sub leader and 1 of each type of sarge with some decent BS and shooting skills but then what? Sarge's get cunning but doesn't seem much value if they are ranged, my rookies have had a bs or ws increase but i'm just lost into how to funnel them down a certain skill tree. Just looking for any feedback on what has or HASNT worked for my fellow law enforcement bretheran.

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Heart of Storm

Gang Hero
Mar 8, 2019
Overwatch is a useful skill, as it allows you to interrupt opponents play, likewise got your six allows free shots on chargers.

Upping T is useful on your champions, mid-late campaign sees a profileration of higher S weapons and that Toughness 3 won't cut it anymore, your cap i suspect may want to retire his shock stave and get a gun going so pumping his BS gives him options when melee targets are too dangerous for him to tackle, or you could double down on his melee in which case Attacks is the next stat to pump