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Feb 17, 2011
Hi all,

I've put together some alternative rules for an Enforcer Team, and I'd be interested in your feedback.

This Enforcer Team is intended to be played as a more ‘regular’ police force, sending out day-to-day lightly armed patrols into the local area and maintaining an Enforcer presence. They do not utilise heavy or special weaponry, or the advanced cyber-mastiffs that are used by other enforcer patrol teams. I decided to cut the territory and income elements, allow them to change weaponry between games (to a limited degree). I have also added a few interesting rules into the ‘Being Captured’, Death and ‘Taggers’ sections.

These rules have been created using elements of the original GW rules, and from the three main adapted rule sets available at the moment - Jaws Enforcers 3.1, Robert J. Reiner's Enforcers: Part 1 - Gang Revamp and Anthony Case’s Enforcement Squad.

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Immediately Outlawed if a Captured Enforcer escapes? Seems a bit harsh when "it was all just a misunderstanding, Officer". Perhaps just make a note of it and modify next/future Outlaw rolls?

Why would Outlaws have to throw away Enforcer Specific Equipment from captured/eaten(I'm looking at you, Scavvies) Enforcers, just because it looks too obviously Enforcerish? To stop such awesome gear falling into the hands of the campaigns gangs I'd be leaning towards the Judge Dredd style excuse ~"each Enforcer Combat Shotgun can only be used by the Enforcer who has their DNA encoded into it // matching implant // etc".

Removing Territory/income/expenditure takes away one of the major fun parts of the game. I'd be more inclined to have territory and income, with standard recruiting, as I see Enforcers more as Glorified Bounty Hunters with Police Batons... but, I haven't read many versions of Enforcers (last was the Arbitrator/Arbite team stuff)/.
Sorry for the delayed reply, I didn't see the notifications for the above posts!

jimjimjimmyjim - this list should cater for all versions of the rulebooks. I spent quite some time reviewing all the other versions that have been written and have taken elements from all of them, as well as adding my own ideas into the mix. Not sure how to add this to the vault, but will do so once I work out how and edit as mentioned below.

trollmeat - thanks for the feedback. for the first point, I felt that there should be no valid reason why a lawful gang would capture and then decide to hold an enforcer against his will. The 'it's all just a misunderstanding, Officer' in my mind would be at the point they then voluntarily release him. If they decided to heep him held captive and he escapes alive, I think that's fair reason for subsequent outlaw status. They can always pay the fine to regain their lawful status as well. Regarding the enforcer specific equipment, I agree, and I will re-word that section accordingly. I decided to do away with territory and income for my version, as it just didn't seem needed in my mind. There's no reason for the squad members to use weapons or equipment outside of what would be supplied by the precinct, so in essence the collecting and spending of credits is rendered a bit pointless. In it's place I have given the flexibility of selecting new weapons between games form the precinct armoury, which allows them to be more flexible than the ORB enforcers but still maintaining the standard equipment options of a law enforcement gang.

Further feedback welcome.
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Before reading this, remember that "as always, ignore me, I don't know what I'm doing", and that I really like what you've done here. :)

Re: captured.
True, they could easily release a captured enforcer, but if they decide not to and take their chance (4/6) 66.67% seems a bit high. *shrugs* You make a valid point sir. :)

Just a thought:
"Photon Flash Flares  Choke Grenades  Smoke Grenades"
+ ~"while Enforcers are very well equipped and their gear maintained to the utmost standards, munitions are expensive and always in short supply. To represent that throwing a grenade is like throwing money away, if an Enforcer runs out of ammo for one grenade type, they run out of ammo for all three standard issue grenades. Note that this does not include any Invented grenades or other equipment. (and remember that members of an Enforcer Precinct Team may ignore their first failed ammo roll)"

"In the event that the Enforcer Precinct Team is outclassed by gang rating, they may opt to call in local reinforcements." In scenarios that have the full gang attending, such as gang fights, "the Enforcer player may hire one bounty hunter or scummer for each full 250 points of difference in gang rating, at no cost"
"a Bounty Hunter has a value of 175" and "each Scummer has a value of 75"
An Enforcer that really wanted to win would just take a pile of Bounty Hunters, rather than a thematic mixed group. Would something like a dice roll to see who attends work? Perhaps including a roll?
1-3) Scummer,
4-5) Bounty Hunter,
6) Enforcer, roll again (1-2 Shotgun, 3-4 Boltgun, 5-6 Suppression)
Hi Trollmeat, thanks for the further feedback - much appreciated!

Captured - Remember that a lawful gang who voluntarily release a captured Enforcer will receive a permanent +1 modifier to any future rolls on the Outlaw table as a reward for letting them go. (to represent the gang calling in favours, or the enforcer in question putting in a good word to the precinct about how well they treated him). I think that's probably better than a few credits reward in the long run, as becoming an outlaw could be potentially devastating to an establishes gang. Likewise, a gang that decides to hold an enforcer prisoner and the escape attempt fails, they can just shoot him and keep his equipment and no-one would find out about it.

Photon Flash Flares, Choke Grenades, Smoke Grenades - In most of the test games I have played so far I have found that on average only one grenade is thrown by each enforcer per game, as they are usually either shooting their main weapon or running instead. However, I do see your point, so perhaps the simplest solution would be to apply the failure to all grenades at once as you suggested, or alternatively exclude grenades from the 'ignore first failed ammo roll'?

Local Reinforcements - I see your point about the bounty hunters, though with a rating of 175 that still leaves the enforcers 75 points down on gang rating. In our current campaign, my starting Enforcer gang had a rating of about 1190, so this section won't come into play until a few games in, when they will be able to bring along one hired gun - As the Enforcers also gain experience I think it will be a while until there is a 500 point difference. A random roll would add some inconsistency to the mix though, so I think a simple 1-3 Bounty Hunter, 4-6 Scummer would work. I don't like the idea of additional Enforcers as to me that defeats the point of giving them the hired gun option in the first place - if they have access to additional squad members they would always do that above paying a hired gun. I should probably make it clearer that the difference in gang rating does not include any hired guns, and is calculated at the beginning of the game; e.g. for an enforcer gang with a rating of 1200 would get one hired gun against an opposing gang rating of 1450, two at 1700, three at 1950 and so on. (plus the option to take a single grenade launcher or heavy weapon at 250/500).

Any further thoughts on the above welcome :)
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