N18 Enforcers or Corpse Grinders?


Apr 12, 2011
Starting a campaign with some mates. I have access to an Enforcer gang and a Corpse Grinder gang.

Wondering people’s thoughts on which would be more ‘rewarding’.

Honestly love my enforcers, but I also love the ‘capture and hold territory’ part of campaigns. Which enforcers can’t do 😞



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Oct 6, 2021
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I think Enforcers will give you... more stable, fun games on average.
Corpse Grinders play very differently from all the other gangs. And maybe a bit onedimensional.
Especially if your group is relatively new to Necro (which I assume, but I might be wrong), I'd definately go for the Cops.


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Corpse Grinders are rule-heavy and very unbalanced. While they can be defeated, players have to tailor their gangs against them. Especially at the beginning of the campaign. And it can easily happen that well-played Corpse Grinders cult will just dominate everybody.
You either have to have skilled players in your group or keep yourself down quite a bit to keep the game fun for others to play against you.

Cops aren't easy to play, they are inflexible and expensive, but Boltguns are the single best weapon in the Underhive (for its price). Not counting bullcrap like Boning Swords.

And for the capturing and holding... Play the Rule and Misrule Campaign, or just house rule the cops can hold territory as well, like everybody else. The Dominion campaign has the Enforcers more of an active referee, which isn't fun for everybody I guess.


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Feb 8, 2013
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I would echo the others suggestions, go for enforcers but allow them to take territory. I dont think it unbalances anything giving them the extra stuff.

If you are finding that it is a bit overkill, just allow them to 'secure' territory so other gangs cant get it. A defeat of your precinct house then allows them to reclaim some of the streets as more enforcers are pulled back to defend their home so cant secure every area. (I think this is how it is meant to work but the wording is so janky it doesnt, but been a few years since I looked at their wording for interactions in dominion campaigns)