Equipping Muties (Tactica)

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Ben_S, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Zeebogie

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    You could always swap that loadout with
    Seeker - Jezail and Arbalast (or Caliver)
    Keeper - Jezail and Arbalast (or Caliver)
    3 Snagas with Calivers
    Seeker - Fusil
    Keeper - Jezail Caliver and Harbegeon
    3 Snagas with Calivers
    which would be both be good loadouts IMO but I personally find Fusils fun and the scatter dice if you miss makes the fusil effectively get a second 5+ to hit on a vehicle adds a bit of the Gorkamorka silliness to muties (my Seeker has 'accidentally' exploded several boys running back to their truck with scrap)
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  2. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    That's about how I equipped mine. Except I think I took Arbalasts just because they are cheaper and got grenades instead of the Fusil. Muties are very dicey. One early casualty (or worse Capture) and it's make a new mob time. You are right there. You really do have to play them as hit-and-run raiders. Sticking it out to make bottle tests is rarely worth the pain.
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  3. Zeebogie

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    Yeah hit and run is how you gotta do it, I've never really ended up with grenades yet, I generally aim to save for a sixth body first then depending on advances (you usually will have a few by the time you save 11-15teef) will work out what to get next
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  4. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    BTW @Kon-rad your mute skimmers are awesome
  5. Aulenback

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    Agreed with those suggesting ranged skirmishers over close assault. The ability to move long distances and fire at a decent range can't be easily ignored. Firing while running without needing a distinct skill is useful, especially when combined with template weapons that deviate instead of outright miss. Also not to be forgotten, the being-harder-to-hit modifier for running about.

    Keep distance, avoid being swarmed, aim to grab some loot, and keep distance, and avoid being swarmed. Kiting and terrain.

    So for equipment? Longer range guns with moderate stopping power over short range with more. Krak grenades on any Unks [range and the Mutie grenades rule give decent 'accuracy' on the run]. Grip nets for scrap as soon as can be bought [to help with getting scrap counters]. Only bother with assault gear if/when models advance such that they become obvious assault monsters.

    Sound reasonable?
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  6. Zeebogie

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    Agreed apart from the krak grenades and grip nets. Although mutie grenades are better, 6teef for something where I'd have to be within 10" is not money well spent IMO, I would be more inclined to spend it on a weapon customization and possibly extra ammo than grenades and grip nets while useful in theory I've found that the only time they come in handy is if you are assaulting the fort, otherwise battles are usually over before one model needs to carry two bits of scrap so generally I'd go for more stopping power before grip nets
  7. Aulenback

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    Whereas I was thinking of having one model picking up scrap behind your own "skirmish line" rather than diverting multiple Muties to do it.

    More stopping power does have merit too, however. Mind you, neither grip nets nor weapon upgrades become available until after at least one scenario.
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