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Lord 83

Apr 22, 2022
So I'm building my first Necromunda Gang, a House Escher one and I really like the Chem-alchemy mechanic, but I have a question:
Can I buy Elixirs when I found the gang? In the Chem-alchemy section it says "When an Escher gang visits the Trading Post during the post-battle sequence,..." so I would think I can't buy any until I have played at least one game. But that just seems like an arbitrary and weird limitation. Am I missing something?


Feb 18, 2019
Sadly I think you are interpreting correctly, and yes it is a weird (and annoying) limitation.

I’ve been tempted to house rule it in our group that Escher can buy some Chems at foundation (probably a limited number) but received push back previously so haven’t bothered since. Might re-fight that one…
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Jan 23, 2022
It feels to me like the Escher chem rules need a rework in general.
I don't have enough experience playing with chems yet to be sure but it seems like they have been unnecessarily made less accessible to Escher. Perhaps they are just so good that they need to be very tightly controlled? Can a long time Escher player give some thoughts on this?

Literally the chem gang and they can't access chems right away and they have to continually buy them even though they are the ones manufacturing them, their toxin weapons are a poor early loadout choice because of this, making starting gangs either dull because you have to go for an effective roster with the standard gear or you lean into the toxin/gas gear and immediately put yourself at a fairly major disadvantage. And respirators are a cheap nerf to gas so anyone in a campaign with Escher can easily constrict your options for a handful of creds.

Being able to buy them right away would seem an obvious improvement. Escher being able to buy them much cheaper would seem logical as well.

Owning a chymist currently reduces the cost of buying chems but perhaps they could learn recipes in some way, giving you free access to a specific chem, or improving the potency of them?
On a similar thought, perhaps chemsynths can be upgraded to produce a specific chem in addition to the current potency boost, giving a character access to their favourite chem once per game?

Acidic could have a chance to destroy a respirator rather than just bypass it. (Seriously, giving everyone access to a 15CR item that basically turns off gas as an option is just frustrating!)


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Feb 8, 2013
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the escher chems are in isolation one of the weakest gang traits, however they also got death maidens who are nails, so as a gang they are okay.

their toxin weapons are a poor early loadout choice because of this
I dont understand this, their toxin weapons arent bad, they are identical to everyone elses, and they have easy access to chem synths as well. but anyway, thats a who different conversation.

(Seriously, giving everyone access to a 15CR item that basically turns off gas as an option is just frustrating!)
so you would spend...150 creds (and rating) so give you the ability to ignore... one, maybe 2 weapons? against a single enemy gang? Man, you must have some bad gangs, with the anti blaze armour (to counter cawdor), night vision (to counter delaque), gas masks (to counter escher), thats getting on for 50 creds per fighter, plus I guess you would want drop rigs to counter falling.

Yes, it can be countered, and yes, if you are in a 2 gang campaign, it sucks as the one opponant can list tailor. BUT, thats not feasible normally, and the only time I've seen such things is when there is a delaque gang running around turning the lights off that others have invested in night vision. Toxin has never caused that reaction that I've seen, or heard about.

Okay, all that aside, to the OP:

technically yeah, no chems at start as others ahve said, however its a marginal thing, personally I dont see the big deal with having them (and even hiring a hanger on) at gang creation. Personally I'd wait until you can get the chemist though, and then view the d3*10 creds she generates as your 'budget' for chems, that just keeps being what you can take in chems the following game. Nothing major, but some nice extra bits here and there.
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