N18 Escher for new Campaign Help!


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Oct 29, 2015
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Hey there fellow hive dwellers! I am looking for some assistance with an Escher list for a new campaign for my 9 year old daughter we have about 7 gangs that will be participating in the campaign no corpse grinders or enforcers surprisingly we are allowing the house books and I need some assistance coming up with a fairly durable list for my 9 year old I have access to pretty much everything model wise. How many of you have included your children in a campaign and did you allow them more starting creds? to help balance them out with the other players only 2 of us in the campaign have player before so mostly newbies. Thoughts?


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Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
If she can understand the rules she should be able to play on a reasonably equal level to older players who have never played before.

Doing well in Necromunda is very much dependent on your list (it's a GW game after all). There are tactical considerations, of course, but a good list gives you a huge advantage over someone who hasn't put any effort into listbuilding.

A good Escher list would be something like a leader and 3 champions with boltguns and/or grenade launchers, plus a specialist and 3 gangers with lasguns. Mesh armour on everyone. Possibly, you can sacrifice a couple of mesh armours on gangers for a better weapon on the specialist. Possibly, you can also get lasguns as backup weapons for your leaders and champions. If you want more variety, sprinkle in some shotguns.
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