N18 Escher gang for dominion campaign


Nov 21, 2015
Hey guys after feedback for a dominion campaign gang
Adjustments to rulebook are no more than 3 of each weapon, and weapons can be swapped between characters(lcj) if wanted

Have access to main spruce and forge world weapon set 2

++ Gang (Escher) [13 Weapon slot, 985 Credits] ++

+ Fighters +

Champion [2 Weapon slot, 170 Credits]
. Weapons: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol

Champion [1 Weapon slot, 195 Credits]
. Weapons: Plasma Gun

Ganger [1 Weapon slot, 55 Credits]
. Weapons: Lasgun

Ganger [1 Weapon slot, 65 Credits]
. Weapons: Autogun

Ganger [1 Weapon slot, 80 Credits]
. Weapons: Shotgun

Ganger [2 Weapon slot, 105 Credits]
. Wargear: Chem-Synth
. Weapons: Laspistol, Stiletto Sword

Juve [2 Weapon slot, 65 Credits]
. Wargear: Chem-Synth
. Weapons: Laspistol, Stiletto Knife

Leader [3 Weapon slot, 250 Credits]
. Wargear: Chem-Synth, Choke Gas Grenade
. Weapons: Laspistol, Needle Rifle, Shock Whip

+ Headquarters +

Gang Headquarters

++ Total: [985 Credits, 13 Weapon slot] ++

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Jun 5, 2016
Missoula, MT
I like it because it has variety and doesn't rely on lasgun spam. It looks more like a traditional ORB list. It's not optimized but I think you could have some fun with it.
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Feb 8, 2013
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Hi there. So first question, rather than battlescribe, are you aware of the gang manager tools on here? If not, check them out! if you are and prefer battlescribe, crack on!

Personally I'd not bother with the chem synth on the juve, can remember which test it is to use off hand, but from memory juve mental stats arnt great. Also even without the synth, the stiletto knife makes her good in combat anyway.

As you can switch weapons, I'd get a backup lasgun for the plasma gunner, as its scarce and they are so cheap for you.

Otherwise I really like the list, I'd be tempted to get a set of mesh for one of your champs or leader as well with the left over cash, since their flak is poor and it also means you can switch their old flak onto the juve so even she starts with some.

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
What skills are you thinking of?
If you want your leader to be an overseer (which I recommend, it's invaluable for getting your melee girls up close and personal) I'd drop most of her wargear down to just the pistol and whip.
Other than Overseer Spring Up is the next best, the ability to stay pinned (and hidden) then pop back up when it's convenient for you is amazing for any fighter. None of the other skills Escher have ready access to really thrill me, spring and step aside can be good but situational skills.

Your gang looks good overall, I won't nickle and dime you for my preferences. Although you could spend those 15cr spare on acid rounds. I also recommend executioner rounds when you get the chance.
Although you also want to be growngg your gang reasonably fast, 8 is sketchy for Escher.
Nov 22, 2018
La Crosse WI
Personally, I don't like having a Shock Whip and a pistol on the same ganger. You don't get a big benefit from the pistol over a lasgun. And you can't use the pistol in melee unless you're base to base.

So on one hand, it's just a handful of credits. But on the other hand, it's not really doing much. I'm a huge fan of dual Shock Whips on the Leader - with her 3 base attacks, she is going to threat 9"-11" with 5 attacks. That's pretty fantastic.

Alternatively, pick up something like a hand flamer or a plasma pistol over time so that if you need to hit a group, or need the AP, you have options!

I very much like the Champion with a Plasma Gun - I eventually swapped mine out for a Heavy Stubber, but it's a great fit.

Definitely look at Acid Rounds for your shotgun soon - they're great and cheap. Executioner ammo is also very nice.
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Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
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I would actually recommend getting executioner before acid.
Since acid is now so short range, it's use is very limited.
Executioner gives you much longer range, and accuracy.

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
I almost don't even think it worth doing that.
In my current campaign, I bought executioner really late (honestly because I forgot), and had acid from the start.
I only managed to use acid a few times over the whole campaign, just due to limitations of range.
But executioner is amazing, I really regret not buying them sooner. Next time, I'll probably spent the 15cr credits for acid elsewhere first. Unless you know you'll be playing on ZM. In which case I'll consider acid if there's nothing pressing that I'm missing out on.