N18 Escher gang in the ash wastes. starting vehicle options


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hey dudes

have got a campaign coming up, ash wastes, 1000 creds.

my plan is a single heavy vehicle with a flat bed, and 7 fighters who can all fit on board. no extra guns or anything else on the vehicle. no other upgrades nor orher vehicles.

the cutters are ace but expensive and fragile-ish. with just 1000 creds I'm thinking the single vehicle option is wise?
1,000 + 400 credits for mounts and vehicles, or a flat thousand for the whole starting gang?

Cutters are great (I like a plasma cutter for an Escher champion), but 1k including vehicles is rough.
No GLs, no Plasma, no Boltguns, so ranged damage won't be good. No bikes, so you'll have trouble closing distance to use those melee fighters.
What is your general strategy for this gang? If I were facing you, I'd stay away from that truckload of tough chicks and pepper them with effective fire while absorbing the negligible return fire from the Lasguns.

Maybe consider swapping out your leader's kit for a Boltgun or Grenade Launcher so that you have at least one strong gun? You can always buy the whips later.
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hmmm. good point
i was thinking I'd go straight towards the enemy, offload some fighters near cover, and eventually get close enough to strike. i reckoned on weather and scenario to force the enemy to get into range.
but you've spotted the flaw to my plan, doh!

I guess i can switch the second maiden for a plasma champ, maybe ditch a lasgunner and use the creds for another gun.
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Give the leader a gun; she's a good fighter, but definitely second rate next to your DMs. It doesn't have to be Plasma; GLs and Boltguns are almost as good and just over half the price. Add the whips back later, when you have a few more bodies and better armor. It's generally better to leave a Leader safe in the rear, anyway. That way you keep the general theme of your list (which is pretty cool) while somewhat addressing a known weakness.
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