N18 Escher gang - list idea


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Feb 28, 2022
Hi All,
I'm planning my very first gang in Necromunda (Escher), below is what I have in mind, so any comment or advice would be more than welcome

Queen - 215 credits
Plasma Pistol, Power Knife, Mesh Armor
Commanding Presence

DeathMaiden - 215 credits
Needle Pistol, Venom Claw, Smoke Grenade, Chem Synth, Mesh Armor
Hit & Run
(I have doubts here if to equipped her with the stilleto sword and use Combat Virtuoso)

Matriarch - 170 credits
Needle Rifle, Stub Gun, Chem Synth, Mesh Armor
Spring Up

Wyld Runner - 140 credits
Wyld Bow, Explosive Arrows, Photon Flash Grenade, 1xPhelynx
(I know that usually the people says that the Wyld Runners are not so good, but I like the concept of Rambo´s explosive arrows style, it looks fun, plus she is fast)

Sister Specialist - 105 credits
Grenade Launcher

2x Sister - 110 credits

Little Sisteer - 25 credits
Stub Gun

Total - 980 credits

Im still having 20 credits that Im not so sure what to do with them


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Aug 4, 2020
Welcome to the Underhive!

The basis of your list is solid, but there are a few things I would consider tweaking:

- Commanding Presence on the leader isn't useful for a few reasons: 1) You are unlikely to have 3 other people standing within 3" of your Leader, 2) if you do have that many people that close then you are more vulnerable to rapid fire and blasts, and 3) you don't want to blow half of your activations in one go that often as it leaves you unable to react to your opponent's moves. Something like Inspirational is good for keeping your gang in the fight, and is my go-to pick on my leader

- It's difficult to go wrong with a melee Death Maiden; both your planned one and the Virtuoso option will be good

- Wyld Runners are legitimately awful for their cost, but if you think they're cool then that's all the reason you need. I would, however, swap the Photon Flash Grenades on to the Little Sister; I often find the extra 3" of range more useful than the +1 to hit, and it frees you up to use your bow more often.

- I would swap the Grenade Launcher on to the Champion and the Needle Rifle on to the Specialist. The Champion is a better platform for the stronger weapon due to better BS and skills access. Also, the if the Needle Rifle needs an ammo check it will probably fail, so it's better to have the ganger be useless than the champion.

- A cute trick for those final credits is to buy Smoke Grenades for the Grenade Launcher. That way if it runs out of ammo you can reload on a 4+ rather than a 6+

Hope that helps!
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Sep 18, 2018
Halmstad, Sweden
I agree with most of what Jayward says.

And there is one additional point I want to address. It's about Spring up. Every fighter that aims to get into melee should have this skill. Period. It's not about optimizing the gang, it's about making it not suck. A fighter without Spring up is going to have a really hard time to ever get a charge off.