Escher gang: which skill tree to help get into combat?


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Jul 19, 2015
I wasn't sure whether to put this thread in this section or the tactics section. Still, seeing as it does relate directly to a gang I'm running right now, I thought I'd put it here (plus, this section gets more traffic :)).

Anyway, I'm in a quandry with which skill trees to take with one or two of my CC gangers.

Usually, the decision would be simple for improving chances of getting into combat: agility upgrades all the way, and cross my fingers for Sprint, Leap, and Quick Witted (in that order). But now I've started second guessing myself about the effectiveness of stealth skills...

My (somewhat mature) gang is here:

The fighter I'm thinking about is Cassiopeia. A badass in combat (who can literally throw people around like ragdolls), but god does she struggle getting there. So far she has only Combat and Muscle skills, but has only got into combat once in around 6 games.

Thoughts on where I might go for my next skill advance...

Sprint - This is the one I want.
Leap - A great second best.
Quick Witted - A one off boost, and can't always be used, but still good
... but... all good for improving movement, but I do have a Beserker Chip anyway. Maybe that's good enough for giving me the movement boost when she really needs it (although in general I don't like using the chip unless I absolutely have to)? The chip doesn't really help on the way there though.
Catfall - Yeah, no thanks.
Jump Back - Can't even figure out if this is useful or useless for a CC ganger. Anyway, it definitely doesn't help in getting into CC in the first place.
Dodge - I'll just forget I have it anyway.

Dive - The one I want. I've not used this skill much, but running into partial cover and then hiding seems pretty awesome for getting close?
Infiltration - Always a good one, especially as I already have it on my leader so they can keep each other company.
Sneak up - Good? Maybe? Haven't come across that much overwatch in my recent campaigns. Maybe it will become a problem later though?
Evade - Pretty good, but close range bonuses make it a super risky skill to rely on by itself. Great for thwarting overwatch, but see above.
Escape Artist - usually only good on my heavies... but... this ganger has a power axe. That's an expensive piece of kit to include in ransom negotiations.
Ambush - She's a BS2 CC ganger.

Normally I would be beguiled by the extra movement agility can offer, but looking at the assessment above it actually looks like Stealth could be better? Especially if I've underestimated how overwatch might enter later in the campaign.

I'm confused. Help?!
I would say you have a pretty good idea of what your options are. My personal recommendation is agility if getting into combat is your desire. Speed is what you'll need so sprint and leap are start you're going for. Anything extra is icing in a sweet cake.
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Agility. Those bonuses can't be overridden by a piece of equipment like dive can. Especially since you must be very late into a campaign.

Infiltration would be useful, but Agility has 3 useful ones and Sprint would be the #1 pick of the tables combined

Also, jump back is useful for a hth specialist - the minimum it does is allow you to recharge the same person to get the bonus

Just cross your fingers you don't get the useless stuff.
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Good point about Dive - I'm pretty sure there is one gang out there with Infra Goggles actually.

We're actually not that far into the campaign. It has three stages, and we've just finished stage 1, although it is expected that some people will retire huge gangs (high 3000s) and start new ones as we go on.

I'm erring back towards Agility now though. The rebel in me still wants to take that Stealth table and make it work, but I suspect the challenge of stringing together a few (still lucky) advances and making them work well might be beyond me.
I wouldn't say stealth was terrible, if you fancy it then go for it - you'll probably get something useful, just not Sprint useful

The goggles aren't too bad, the bio scanner makes hiding a bit obsolete though
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I've come up against both so rarely I can't even fully remember what they do. I'll have to check up on it.

On Jump Back I've never been 100% sure whether you can charge after doing it, so don't feel confident relying on it - it's one of those awkward 'start of the turn' things (bit like failing a stupidity test, then activating a Beserker Chip to get round it, when both happen at the start of the turn). Sounds like this is how you play it though.

Stealth doesn't look bad, but I worry it depends too much on skill combos. For example, if you can run and hide you can almost guarantee being a fleeting target to overwatch which makes Sneak Up more useful. Evade is also kind of good (but actually really dangerous if you accidentally use the fighter as closest target bait!) but again only really comes into it's own when thwarting those no cover overwatch shots.

I guess the question I should be asking really is how likely is it that overwatch will appear more often later in the campaign, and will I find myself struggling to counter it with Sprinting alone? I've never really found OW a problem, but many other people seem to come up against it a lot, which could be a gaming group/background issue but has me a little nervous all the same.
Well, remember that Sprint lets you go 12 inches, so another -1 to hit on overwatch.

Jump back seems pretty clear - you back at the start of your turn and there are no restrictions mentioned so you're free to do what you want.
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Agility all the way I think. More useful ones, esp when you factor in that jump back helps with if the enemy try to jump you in a counter charge with several people (as you have no combat master). Lets you jump back out of combat then charge a single enemy again.

At that point 2/3rds of the options have some use, and it has the best one possible (sprint), with leap being on par with dive and infiltration (imo anyway)