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Feb 8, 2013
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So, having settled on my load out for the Voodoo Dolls (here:, I'm thinking about the starting skills for my leader. This is for a campaign that will be starting in a month or 2, and will be a long running one. My thoughts were therefore initially to go with Mentor for my leader as that will help some of the others gain some exp quickly. However I am aware my CL for escher is not great, therefore the ability to keep fighters in the battle might be better if I take Inspirational instead.


(also if you have any other comments on my gang please say, happy to have other ideas/views to consider)
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Mentor is very situational. It's short ranged so most of the time it'll not be helping very much. You might feel Inspirational is more useful as you have in your list.

I'd add couple more Toxin weapons (stiletto knives in particular) into the mix and aim to get some gas grenades, but maybe after a game or two. It looks fine though - but I noticed you somehow landed a specialist at gang cretaion (Yoncy). She should just be a ganger (albeit one with a special weapon) at gang creation.
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I'd go either Dodge, Spring up or Inspirational.

If you rule that it also works for the leader herself, Inspirational is quite good (you go from a 59% success rate to 88% on you Cool checks. Not exactly as good as Cl 4+ (which is 92%) but it also benefits nearby allies).
Dodge is an invulnerable 6+ save against anything and everything the enemy can throw at you (including Blast and Template) that prevents pinning if passed
Spring up is a very good action economy skill that saves you 0.8 action every time you are pinned and almost guarantee you'll get to charge with your Melee specialist

I wouldn't give Step aside to a melee specialist. Sure, it's a very powerful survival skill when you are charged, but your girl should be the one doing the charging and the killing. I'd give her Spring up, and maybe give Step aside or Dodge to the ranged champion instead.

I'd also give a stiletto knife to the juve (replacing the laspistol). This weapon is made for suicidal ninja juve charge.
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thanks guys! sorry I have got the specialist wrong, I had thought it was a specialist who got the special weapon. Wil lcorrect that soon.

Makes sense for the skills @Thorgor , I'll also swap the step aside to spring up. Might keep spring up on the shooter though as it will mean she can still aim and shoot back if she does get pinned.

cost wise though for the juve, a laspistol is a lot more than the knife isnt it?
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Other way round - laspistol is 10cr, the knife is 20cr. So if you don;t have the credits, fair enough.
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that one! yes, you people make my words right! Thanks :)

Hmm, maybe after game 1 I will invest in a stabber for her then
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You're going to want to delete Yoncy and build her again. There seems to be a bug with the Underhive tools where specialists don't get armor. Looks like you made Yoncy a specialist and then changed her to a ganger, but her wargear didn't change. I've run up against this myself when making my gangs. Solution is to build a ganger, change to a specialist, add special weapons, change back to a ganger. (And actually, I just leave them as specialists.) I thought you could just add the armor as wargear without paying for it, but then that increases the ganger's cost.

(By the way, @Malo)
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Thanks dude! I hadn't even noticed the lack of armour. will do that now
is it worth me downgrading the stiletto sword o nthe champ to a knife to get the juve one as well then?

Or downgrading the power sword to a stiletto sword to free up some creds?
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is it worth me downgrading the stiletto sword o nthe champ to a knife to get the juve one as well then?
Some would call it an upgrade, considering the knife is better than the sword for killing stuff (but loses the Parry trait). I'd go for it.
Similarly, dowgrading from Power sword to Power knife saves you 20 credits and you only lose the Parry trait. With those credits, you can buy a Mesh Armour for your leader, keep the 5 credits change, and give the flak armour to the Juve.
You could also turn Freya into a Juve to save credits (and give a champion Mesh so that you can give her Flak).
So it is! I had missed the plus 1 to hit...

I'll keep the sword on my leader as its fitting and with her horde of attacks she should be alright hitting on 3+, everyone else is switching down from swords!

hmm... 15 creds left...
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I'll stick with saving the creds i think ,not convinced by chem synths, rather spend the action aiming
Yeah I'd rather bank the 15 credits than get a synth.

In fact only think the synth is worth it for ranged and then only if you don't have to "aim", eg a leader at short range.

Very situational bit of kit.

Skills wise I took Iron Will. The terrible cool stat is a real hindrance and sometimes you just need to hang around a little longer to get the job done.

Tactically I don't need dodge or step aside on the leader as she actually leaves the bulk of the melee to my champs and Juves, only charging in at opportune moments and so far I've been able to position herbal that she hasn't been charged at all that I recall.