Escher Starting List C&C


Jul 2, 2015
Hi guys, I used to play NCE but have been away from the game for a while, me and a couple of friends are going to play a friendly N17 campaign shortly. And I as I haven't played a single N17 game yet was looking for some feed back on my newly created Escher gang.

The idea was just to try and take a little of everything to see how things play, only real regret in this list is no CC ganger.

Please let me know your thoughts

Skill recommendations also welcome, I like the idea of Spring up and Step Aside for the Champs
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I think you should give the leader Overseer and hand the Bolter/needler to the CC Champ.
Overseer is a great skill (almost to good), it enables you to extent the charge range of the juves and champs, or maximize the firepower if needed.
I run a leader with Stiletto sword and Lasgun with overseer, it works very well. letting her slingshot juvies out to charge the enemy, later in the game i buy Hotshot power pack for the lasgun, giving her some much needed stopping power

Toxin weapons are really dangerous and a stiletto knife on a ganger gives her some good CC capability
The juvies should have stubguns and stiletto knife, they live to charge or die violently and sometimes both

Spring up is good for action economy and helps setting up the charge, Step aside is very situational but very powerful
The general arrangement is excellent, but I second the melee champ also needing a hard hitting ranged weapon.
Stiletto knives are just about the best melee weapon in the game. I'd consider changing non-stiletto melee weapons to stiletto knives to maximise your killing power and save some points while you're at it.

Needle rifle are brilliant, so don't drop those, but make a Plasma Rifle and a Long Rifle a priority. Escher lack long range stopping power to begin with, and in a campaign setting, that needs to be addressed within a few games.
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Think this is what I'm going for,

Taken to advice on leader overseer, seem a waste to not utilise the leaders stats, but I'll concede to experience.

1 CC champ
1 ranged champ
So prefer that balance there.

Kept auto + knife on 1 June just to see the difference in game for my self and gives me a slightly more shooty juve if I need one.

Given shotgun and needle gangers knives because I had the cred and they will be mid range. But maybe i should save the creds for a plasma gun?

Still considering giving my leader a power sword instead of stiletto, just because rule of cool
I also went without overseer. While the slingshot is awesome, it effectively precludes the leader from doing other things, and escher leaders have great stats, not to mention are really important to keep the gang together with their poor Cool...
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Don't use overseer. It makes every gang so boringly similar...

Sad but True, However it is still a really good skill and it can help you get that nice CC champ into close or move a model out of harms way. The Leader can still do good, but in a more defensiv role, counter charging etc.

Oversser should require an LD test imo, it would nerf the skill without breaking it.

I would advocating giving the CC champ some kind of ranged weapon, even a cheap 5 pt lasgun would work magic and let her work multiple roles.
also if you are playing Dominion campaigns, heads up on the Sabotage mission, having some hardware that is able to take down the objective is crucial
also if you are playing Dominion campaigns, heads up on the Sabotage mission, having some hardware that is able to take down the objective is crucial
The Raid, which was the ORB version of Sabotage, was one of the main reasons my old Necromunda group quickly learned to favor the autocannon over the heavy stubber. I still try to include one high strength weapon for those high toughness objectives in all my gangs.