Gang Champion
Mar 1, 2017
Our group are loving Blackstone Fortress at the moment. We're just doing the base game now although I've got the Ambull expansion but mostly for the model.

3 more add-ons up for pre order now, Traitor command with 2 card packs. With Escalation teased for later in the year.

Really want to hear peoples thoughts on value of these to the actual gameplay. Especially from people who've played the base game through. How much would extra resource / exploration cards add to gameplay?

Besides the two new figures to encounter I'm still confused how much Traitor command adds to gameplay as it seems like an expensive expansion for what exactly?

However definitely stoked for Escalation... maybe save money til then...


Gang Champion
May 24, 2017
Corvallis, Oregon
I bought the card packs (and Traitors Command.

First Impressions: the item pack is pretty interesting overall, especially since it adds some real items to the Kroot ship.

The Encounters pack I'm not sure about; the maps seem to use a lot more overlays and unique deployments but the challenge cards slant towards challenges that don't work in solo play (so not great for me). There also isn't really room in my Feldherr foam for the extra Encounter cards.

As to Traitor Command I quite like the Eye of Vect in that it adds interesting Rick/reward to expeditions. With the rules as written though you probably won't be able to use it often.

Campaign I'm not really sure about but there isn't really a way to add Ogryns/Commissars to the base game without completing it because there's no Legacy cards for them.