Experience for ramming / collateral damage / etc.


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Feb 17, 2011
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I'm somewhere between these two extremes. I think trying to balance Gorkamorka is probably a fool's errand on the one hand but I also don't really want to play against players who play in a non-fluffy way. That said I also don't like playing against or being expected to play in a way that's particularly sub-optimal - as long as it's not loopholey!

Ultimately I think the call should be made based on which way of doing things will result in more fun. I'd argue that Gorkamorka campaigns tend to be fairly short so more experience points more quickly is a good thing - that way characters can develop without it taking four games for stuff to start happening.


Nov 13, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
@Flamekebab agree with you 100% I lean on the leave it how it is for most things. And TBH I think alot of the back and forth over rules with GoMo tends to forget how few turns there usually are in a game.

@Tiny sterilise was probably a poor choice of words, I would argue that your interpretation is in the wrong but opinions are like... so to each there own

End of the day if anything this thread has highlighted its initial point/question well, four responses with four different answers so @MiniWarGaming I'd say make your own choice then just keep it consistent