N18 Exploration chart (like Mordheim) for Necromunda

hello everyone!

I'm going to run an Outcast-only campaign, and I want to do a Mordheim-type exploration phase between games.
I will make the income based on a roll of 4d6 for the loser and 6d6 for the winner, who will have a certain income according to the result (scavenge).

Also, I want to make an exploration chart, minimally modifying the Mordheim one.
The idea is to modify the description, like:

666666 The pit = The beast Lair
´´The beast is slepping, if you wish, you can send one of your Champions to
search for the riches around. Roll to D6.
On a roll of 1 the Beast is awakened and the Champion is devoured.
On a roll of 2 or more, he returns with 50 creds worth.

Do you know if someone has already done it?
Jul 15, 2020
Sounds like a good idea, although instant death is a bit harsh. Maybe some mini-encounters / skill checks / fights and rolls on the injury chart will make it more interesting. Having some degrees of risks and choices makes it interactive and more story based, than just random.

Look at old Heroquest / WH Quest in-town encounter charts as well.
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