N18 Familiars, rapid fire and pinnin

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
I think RAW the witch has been hit, and so can trigger OoF to force the attack to miss, thus protecting the original target (but amusingly the witch could still be hit by the stray shot).

As for RAI, I would say RAI would negate the hit on the witch, as if it had been targeted at the witch.
Personally I think it should just negate the hit(s) caused to the witch. The witch getting a flash of their brains being blown out and ducking should be slightly different mechanically than the shooter missing and firing a burst god-knows-where down the corridor.


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Jul 26, 2018
The Familiar/Caryatid rule is very powerful regardless of how you play it. It is also quite possible to hinder the 'bouncing' of shots unto the owner, so this reading is by no means that major a nerf IMO (as opposed to reading it in the most generous way. It does however force you to actually play the game, instead of just relying on this ability.

In my gaming group we did a bit of a compromise so that the first 'bounced' RF shot could be negated, but if it was possible to allocate more than one the rest would go through regardless (the 2 RF dice shows a total of 4, so the first goes into the intended target, the other three gets allocated to the 'witch' and so the 2nd shot can be ignored whilst 3 and 4 will strike home regardless). This might not be RAW or RAI, but worked as a band aid.
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