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February Rumble

Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Kon-rad, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    Got in a fun game last weekend. Da 'Achit Skwad, in an attempt to rescue Kaptin' Achit, ambushed a convoy of my Diggachicks, returning from the last big bash. Just to make it more interesting, and because it's no fun to being the odd-boy out, the Koom Valley Boyz jumped in to ambush the both of us!
    The Digga Chicks roll on in.

    The 'Achit squad's vehicles don't show up first turn, so their ambushers take pot shots from their hiding places. Gork or possibly Mork was looking after his girls, so there was no effect except for the 'Achits ace kannoneer failing an ammo test. This did not stop him from then clubbing two of the Koom Valley Boyz into the sand with it. IMG_20170226_183544.jpg

    The Koom Valley Boyz then try and ram the Diggaz Trukk, but those girls are great drivers. IMG_20170226_183617.jpg

    The 'Achits vehicles show up and ambush the the ambushing Koom Boyz and have a go at the Diggaz too.

    End of the game. The Trakks ran into each other due to a failed Thrust test and were both immobilized. Digga shooting drove off the 'Achit Skwad. They decided the Kannoneer was a much better leader than that git Kaptin 'Achit anyways. The Koom Boyz went down epic. The Koom Nob actually wounding the Digga Boss. Unfortunately for him, she has W2. She is a Xena in melee and that does not happen often.


    Great game. That'll teach those Greenskins to try and sneak up on us!

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