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  1. oddball300

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    So I was thinking, how cool would it be to do an inq28/inquisimunda campaign on a feudal world? I mean there are billions of worlds in the galaxy and they have stated that they do have some that are feudal so yea. I mean we have forge, death, hive, shrine, fortress, prison, primitive, hell they even have planets that are entirely cemeteries... I dun o it was just a thought and a notion. Let me know what you guys think.
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    There is a bit about a bunch of inquisitors meeting on a feudal world in one of the eisenhorn books. Pretty sure it was the 2nd book

    I'm sure there are more cases, I want to say a Cain short story fighting on a feudal world. Also an old old short story of warlord titans fighting dudes riding dinosaurs too. Lots of cool ideas to pull from black library short stories.
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    +1 well I mean I was just thinking. Yes hives are cool, death works a are gnarly, you got about a 50/50 on a forge world if you're gonna keep your toes limbs lungs ECT. But since a feudal world it's more like "oh look a guy in plate mail on a horse and a dude with a crossbow. Well better send a few arvo flagellents to put them in their place" :D

    And I was going to do a 40k campaign based on a feudal world and I just wanted to hear some folks thoughts on the idea doing a inquisimunda thing to open it or a kinda while the main battle was going on this was also happening. Debating on either using kill team or inquismundas rules.
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    Would totally be cool. Abnett wrote about how the locals would think the red lights in the sky from ships were some kind of demon. And they chose the planet because it was low tech.

    Just remembered the other story was an old inquisition wars where draco and friends were bouncing thru the webway looking for another portal which was in some castle ruins. Been a few since I've read that but the old books are my favorite books. Inquisition wars jumped around to so many cool settings.
    Eclesiarchy worlds can be pretty nuts as well.

    I'd like to know or read more of the new fluff surrounding feudal worlds and imperial knights and knight houses.
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  5. oddball300

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    That would be legit. I'm just trying to figure out on how to go about scenery. Like to I do extreme high fantasy or low fantasy or a mix? The scrappy thing this is being built from the ground up.
  6. Fold

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    Of course a feudal world needn’t be medieval. Feudalism only describes the way society is structured, nothing about the technology level of that society. To @Space Truckin’s point above, Imperial Knights are piloted by nobles from feudal worlds and presumably there is nothing backwards about their tech level.

    But visiting a low tech world as a high tech warband is certainly a cool idea, feudal or otherwise.

    All such worlds would have been colonised with the help of STC technology, so while they may be ignorant of the galaxy and the Inperium, they’d presumably still have remnants of STC fabricated buildings. It could be an interesting reversal where the “ruins” are relatively high tech looking, if crumbling/overgrown, standard imperial structures - perhaps venerated by the populace as a relic of the gods of old. While the only intact buildings are whatever primitive dwellings the locals have built, from wood, brick, stone or mud depending on the tech level of the society now.
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    Necromunda and Hive Primas are Fuedal systems, so don’t be held back by thinking knights and peasants.
  8. oddball300

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    Hmm I was thinking in lines of @Fold tbh I knew that knight houses were feudal but wanted some dark age vibes going on if I'm honest.
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    You could base it on a setting similar to Caliban in "Descent of Angels" by Mitchel Scanlon. When I read the book, I got the feeling that Caliban had been more advanced at one time then regressed to a feudal type of world (complete with knights, giant monsters and guns!) when they were isolated by warp storms. It mentions things such as their armour once being powered and having rubber joints (I'll look that up in a sec.). The book is focused on the Pre-heresy Dark Angels but you should be able to dig out enough nuggets to give you some inspiration.

    Edit..I was a bit off but on page 64, Zahariel mentions some supplicants wearing "hand-me-down" helmets that they had to raise the visor to speak. The team leaders, however; "boasted an inter-suit communications system." Sounds like the setting that you're after!
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  10. oddball300

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    I have that book. Wasn't one of my favorites but yes that is the setting ideal I'm going for actually. Toally for got about that.
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    I agree with Fold's post. a nice mix of advanced ruins mixed with a few peasant huts would look really good. Maybe have some advanced agricultural buildings alongside tilled fields (don't forget a mini plow with oxen!) the ideas would be endless!
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