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Oct 30, 2016
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(Challenge Registration is open until the 20th March)

Do you have a giant pile of untouched plastic sprues?
Is there a host of minis sitting on your shelves, unpainted and unloved?
Would you like to make a change in 2021 and improve the quality of your collection?

Be kind to your Miniatures this next 9 months and sign up to the Finish Your Stuff Challenge!

Every month, starting on the 1st of March and ending the 30th of October, any Yak Brave/Insane enough to take part must fully complete and photograph something from their extensive Pile of Shame!
The rules are simple:
  • Finish as much of your collection as you like, but you must complete at least one of the following per month - five minis, a character, a monstrous size creature, a vehicle/warmachine, a piece of terrain (not scatter)
  • Take a single image of everything you have completed in that month.
  • Post it either here, in this thread, before the end of the month.
  • Vote for your favorite entries!
*For a model to be complete, it must fully painted with a minimum 3 colours and be suitably based.
*Models may be from any range or brand.
*Terrain is allowed, but only 5 pieces of scatter terrain counts toward the minimum requirements.
*Posting many pictures of your work is encouraged, but only one image is to be used for your entry (phototrickery is permitted).
*Deadline for submission is midnight, on the last day of each month, UK time.
*Any and all decisions will be discussed by the Challenge Triumvirate, and all rulings made will be final.

  • At the beginning of each month (starting April) I will post via PM, a reminder and link to each of the eligible entries.
  • You may chose upto five of your favorite entries and may give a bonus vote to the entry you liked the most.
  • Voting will be secret and only the Challenge Triumvirate will know the scores.
  • The top five highest scoring entries will be announced each month, in alphabetical order.
  • After the very last months vote (November), all scores will be totalled and The New Finish Your Stuff Challenge Champion will be proclaimed!
*only competing yaks will be able to vote.
*you may still vote even if your entry was unfinished, unsubmitted or disqualified.
*you have up until midnight UK time, on the 20th of each month, to make your vote, any votes after this time will be void.

Notes on voting:
  • Everytime you submit a valid entry, you will automatically gain a free bonus point per month, for a total of five extra points overall!
  • Everytime you vote, regardless of how many votes you gave, you will also get a free point for that month, for another bonus five points!
*if you never submit an entry but do give votes, you will have an overall score of between 1-5 points by the end.
*if you do submit valid entries and also vote, you will have an overall bonus of between 1-10 on top of any votes you receive.

Hope you get involved and join in the fun!

The Challenge Triumvirate
@CaptainDangerous @Ben_S @spafe
*hobby salute*

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Aug 3, 2016
I'm leading on spoons yay. 3 of these so far and only one valid entry. I had a piece of terrain that could of been entered but wasn't paying attention to dates, d'oh.

Do I dare try again.

Nah mate.

I don't pay as much attention to the thread when I'm failing at it and miss out at ogling all your beautiful work.
Hoping sod's law will come into play as well so now I'm not taking part and don't get to share my achievements with the community. I suddenly get it right every month.


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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
@Fold just get a few things in the works over the next couple months. Then it starts snd you finish them off . Gets the ball rolling and the mojo flowing.
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