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Jan 19, 2019
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Welcome one and all, to this years' FYSC!

The FYSC triumvirate - Man, Cyborg and Duck - hereby invite you to continue chipping away at your Cairn of Opportunity!

+++Invitation and Disclaimer+++

We are a little somewhat very late to start this year, but any models or terrain finished in the current month are eligible for entry, no matter when it was started. So if you've already finished a pile of minis since New Year’s, make sure to enter them in the voting thread as outlined below! Or if you're one of those ambitious people whose resolution it was to finish at least one project per month, you still have some time!

+++FAQ and Feedback results+++

As you know, we opened a FYSC feedback and suggestions thread. There were ideas (many) complaints (few but valid) and feedback (much), all of which were carefully analyzed by at least two members of the triumvirate, and some were found that stood out, which leads us to the following additional changes and clarifications:

  • Tweak: Adjust the posting deadlines – There were wishes for leeway as far as posting finished entries to the thread is concerned. So if you spend all your time up until midnight on the last day of the month to paint, you’ll have two extra days to post that finished entry, getting a good photo can be time-consuming as well.
  • Tweak: Vote scaling – As a tryout, we will be using the vote scaling mechanism that came up in the suggestions thread. To quote its inventor @Stoof : “As a formula for votes I'd say two fewer votes than entries, to a maximum of five votes and minimum of one. So if there are seven entries, five votes. If there are three entries (hopefully do better than that!) there'd be one vote. Five entries, three votes.”
  • Clarification: There is no bar – As already practiced in FYSC 2022, the old “5 infantry, one hero or one monster” requirement has been removed. You finished something? Anything? Put it in FYSC!
  • New mechanic: Monthly mystery points! As suggested by @Punktaku , we are doing themed months! When are those months? It’s a mystery!* What will those themes be? Also a mystery!** These will be additional Mystery FYSC Points (referred to as MFP going forward) which will be tracked separately and are worth as much as regular FYSC points! So, bragging rights, essentially. The Mystery Monarch will be crowned at the end of the year alongside the regular FYSC winner.
+++FYSC 2023+++

The mission:

To finish stuff! Any stuff! Half-finished projects from two years ago, new shiny things bought two days ago! Infantry, terrain, vehicles, terrain on vehicles, Scifi, Fantasy, both, you name it!

The entries:
No signup required, all entries are welcome, as are pictures of your progress. WIPs, banter and encouragement go right here in this thread, while finished entries go into the FYSC voting and entry threads, which will be created on the 20th of each month (or as close to that as our schedules allow, we are semi-busy people/transhuman machines/toxic waterfowl).

The voting threads:
These will be linked from here, and we again ask to use them for entries only, and to only create one post per entrant per month. And while we ask that you please do not spam the exact same model several times, multiple pictures for large entries or several perspectives of the same model are allowed. Just use your best judgement!

The votes:
As mentioned above, the entry deadline for painting stuff is the end of the month. The entry deadline for posting pictures of your finished stuff into the monthly thread is the 2nd of the following month. We can of course not stop you from finishing even more stuff in that time if you’re fast, but we do recommend thinking of the end of the month as the painting cut-off for planning’s sake.

After the second deadline, the submissions thread will be turned into a poll, where votes will be cast. After feedback, we have adjusted the way this works to account for numbers of entries. The new formula is “votes to cast = entries -2” with a possible minimum of 1 vote and a maximum of 5. We hope this will level the voting field somewhat. The results will then be reported back here in the main thread when voting closes, no later than the 20th of the following month. You also still get a point for each month you post an entry, capped at 5 points.

The theme:
As a new mechanic this year, we are trying out themed months! Stay tuned in this thread, we will explain the entire mechanic once we have decided when the first month is and what the mystery theme will be. Just let it be known that theme month points will be tracked separately, and used exclusively to determine who will take the coveted theme crown in December.

The results:
Prizes are chiefly bragging rights, as previously, and also the satisfaction of having more painted plastic than you started the year with, hopefully anyway. FYSC 2023 will run until November 30th, with crowning of the King of FYSC and the Mystery Monarch in mid December.

Future FAQs:
As last year, please feel free to ask if there are any questions. FYSC is a free-wheeling sort of thing, and we can and will change things on the fly if the majority thinks it is a good idea, and new stuff can always we tacked on as we go. There will likely be a separate thread for feedback and suggestions again at some point. Until then...

Have fun and get stuff finished!

*Aka we haven’t decided when to start with that yet.
**No really, we have a list here, but it’s a secret.
Not yet. Standard procedure is the submissions threads are linked from here, so you don't have to go spelunking for them.

I thought maybe my search- fu was on the fritz.

I'll be looking forward to seeing - and posting on - the submissions threads. I retired in December and I'm hoping to be able to get a LOT of my backlog done.
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Is there a thread for January 23 yet? I may just be Forum blind and not see it..

When I first read that my immediate reaction was 'it's a bit early yet; they don't post the submission thread until late in the month, around the 20th'. Then I realised what the date is. Where did January go?
I’ve spent January building stuff instead of finishing stuff…. But I guess that’s what happens when the building bug bites…
I think I might join back onto this for a bit. Give myself some accountability. Although...

I’ve spent January building stuff instead of finishing stuff

I have also done this. So far this month I'm Skarsnik, Gobbla and half a dozen test Indians (nothing to do with cricket) done but have about a dozen projects half done.
prepare yourself for January flood. So this is all the stuff i have finished in January. But can i link my plog in stead of double posting the pictures? I dont think i will be able to finish as much next month but we will see. A lot of this stuff have been worked on for a long while and its only the finish thats January. Like the hauler its been sub assemblied for nearly half a year.
enforcer 1.JPG
enforcer 2.JPG
enforcer 3.JPG
enforcer 4.JPG
ridge hauler.JPG
ripper Jack.JPG
Posting pictures is pretty much mandatory in the submissions thread. Links lead to rabbit holes and people getting distracted from voting! :giggle:
Also, @daveh, please remember to put ghaz in the submissions thread. Be a shame to miss out on any votes on him.
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hi MedMos , i thought this was the submissions thread.
can you tell me how to find it?
ta much