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Starting March with this Dark Reaper Exarch.
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Converted to make him useful...that bolo thing made no sense game wise.



PS: Just noticed the them for March is "Quantity has a quality all of its own!",,, since I have painted my pile of shame my entry this month will be a low number.
The Bolas were 2nd edition “web of skulls” range 24” 3 x S6 hits which in conjunction with the 3 x S8 krak missiles from the Dark reapers he’s leading would decimate space marine squads in the 90’s
Finally found a few minutes (.. okay, hours) to do some painting during my move to the new Casa De Grey.

Got all the Marvel Crisis Protocol Core Set primed (finally, I've had it almost 2 years now), and am starting to paint the terrain.

I want to get a good portion done by the middle of December as my son will be visiting and wants to play. We'll see how it goes.

I'll post pics as I finish things.
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I remember PP stuff being quite different in style/proportions, even if the height is similar. I have to admit I haven't bought GW minis for quite a while though, so they may have changed.
Yeah, the heads and hands aren’t as heroic as GW stuff. And they’re fantasy-based minis. But they look fine next to my other minis.

One thing I was surprised at was how small Reaper minis are compared to others. I found some of their Chronoscope minis in my FLGS and was disappointed at their scale.