I have a whole bunch of stuff that's almost done, which I'd been hoping I'd get finished by the end of the month. It may still be possible, but looking less and less likely now - especially after partner and I made a spontaneous decision to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary. I do have a lot of online work meetings scheduled tomorrow, so am thinking that I can try to do a bit of painting while listening it, but we'll see.

I won't bother rushing things, because the worst that happens if I need a few extra days is an early start on a February entry.
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Ok I’m in. Here’s my finished stuff for January.

Epic Tanks. These were already primed red for months so just finished off all the highlights and details.

Skarsnik. Painted for Yakcomp 45.

Test Indians. First few done to try out the colour scheme. About 100 left to go.
I don't see a February thread yet so I am going to spam here:

Most of what you see for the Orks is already close to tabletop ready at least. I'm spending a good amount of time doing all the cracked (Agrellan) earth effect on the bases. I focused on green skin and weapons first, since their clothes and straps aren't going to be uniform. My main clan is Evil Sunz but these guys are getting touches of lucky blue in case they want to count as Deathskulls.
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Stuff wot I plan on finishing this month...

- Epic Thunderhawk Gunship. 90% done already.

- Bolt Action Indians. About halfway done with the rest of the pile. Batch painting 100+ guys at once is a little mind numbing but they're easy so should be doable.

Any more will be a nice bonus. Got about a dozen part finished projects within arms reach including a bunch of Uruk Hai half done, 40k Mortarion just started, 100+ Night Goblins half done and a couple of Epic Ork Gargants primed... so may or may not get on with them if I can be bothered.
Cough cough cough. I’m um planning on maybe getting my um two ring girls finished? Ahem. I have noticed that I seem to have gotten sloppier as a painter in my old age. So many touch-ups needed. Although, those bikini straps are pretty tiny, so maybe that’s the reason?
Finished for this month already is a Warden team for Gaslands, I need to take some pictures to post when the February thread goes up.

In progress - and "might" get finished - are 3 House Malinax Questoris Knights for Adeptus Titanicus along with a Legio Mortis Warhound (which WON'T get finished this month).
February thread is up!

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Only a week left of February and all I have to show for it so far is one painted Mech, a small 6mm scale terrain piece and a Thunderhawk that was already 90% done. Not been productive so far.

I have cracked on with the Indians but not sure I'll finish them before the end of the month. Still got a few highlights and basing to do. I also started painting the Battletech Alpha Strike starter set to hopefully convince my brothers to play, which is way off mission.
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