First of the three portions I glued together and mounted on a base. I added some flying buttresses (Made by one of the gamers in my group) as there is no longer a roof.

The started a ruined floor made from chipboard.

Another two mounted on a new base, which I have cut in two so that it can be a single piece or split in two. Then I added tiles. Next is the rubble and the remnants of the roof.



Painting started.

There are the three pieces together.

The two whose bases join.

Another angle.

One that shows the interior destruction.

Here was a case where the kit did not have an even number of column sides, so I filled with one with chicken wire to create the illusion of rebar in the core.


Just waiting for the glue to dry on the bases of the 8 Inner Sphere mechs from the BattleTech Alpha Strike starter set. Nothing like a last minute deadline to get things done. Pictures tomorrow.
It is the magical date of 2.3.23 (in Denmark at least), and thusly we have initiated the secret ritual to reveal the mystical theme for March! Let it be known, that the theme for March in FYSC 2023 shall be

Quantity has a quality all of its own!

Should be fairly self-explanatory... Have at it! Any questions about how the mystery points work shall be ignored, because... Mystery!
My piles of opportunity grows... Today I spent £30 on Stormbringer and Imperium magazines. That's 20 gutrippaz (two of the current mag), plus a set of Skorpekh destroyers (because the mag was about 25% of RRP) and a Haemotrope reactor (OOP I think?).
Starting March with this Dark Reaper Exarch.

Converted to make him useful...that bolo thing made no sense game wise.



PS: Just noticed the them for March is "Quantity has a quality all of its own!",,, since I have painted my pile of shame my entry this month will be a low number.
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Although not on the scale of @Captain Brown I've been painting terrain for the last week. Mainly for Kill Team (a friend wants to learn), but also to build up (heh.. pun intended) my collection of terrain as I literally had none assembled and painted.

So far I've finished: 6 barrels, 10 supply crates, 2 cargo containers, the box of Ryza pattern ruins, and 3/4 of the KT 1.0 Sector Fronteris box.

Unfortunately I'm not able to paint today as the nor'easter coming into New England is making me hurt to the point I can barely hold a brush. Old age and crappy weather suck. I'm hoping to get back to it tomorrow as I have one ruined wall section and the big building to do, and I'd like to finish them by this weekend.

My next projects after that are a single Space Wolf Reiver along with a Heavy Bolt Pistol arm to bring the Sergeant and team (Fangs of Ulfric KT 1.0 box) into compliance with the KT 2.0 rules. I also pulled out the Legionary figures from the Nachmund box, as they'll be quick to do needing only 6 models.

I'm HOPING to get all that done by the end of the month but "the best laid plans of mice and men.. "

I'll be posting whatever I get done in the FYSC March thread.
Finally finished up my Indians (the infantry and artillery anyway, still got vehicles to do). Just need a coat of matt varnish and a lot of photography setup. Also got a lance of mechs whose bases are currently drying and just need some decals to finish. Haven't counted the total number of minis yet so far as I ran out of fingers and toes.

Not sure what else I'm going to get done. Got so many projects that are started but nowhere near finished. Possibly some Uruk Hai that are primed and have been sitting on my desk for over 3 months. Possibly more mechs. Maybe I'll do the vehicles to go with the Indian army. Knowing me it will be something completely different, or I'll have a random bout of hobby block and do nothing at all.
You're welcome Cap'n.

I love that cathedral. Tempted to get one myself but I have 7 more boxes of Kill Team 1.0 terrain plus the 40K Command Edition terrain set to do yet.

Nice conversion on the Reaper. I agree the skull flail made no sense for a long range support Exarch but hey, 2nd Ed was the wild and wacky days of 40K.
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Good luck with that pile Grayhart.

OK, to baulk up my entry I will make some tarp covered pallets.


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