Finish Your Stuff Challenge 2024


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Nov 10, 2014
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Welcome one and all, to this years' FYSC!

The FYSC triumvirate - Man, Cyborg and Duck - hereby invite you to continue chipping away at your Cairn of Opportunity!

+++Invitation and Disclaimer+++

We are, as per usual, a little late to start this year, but any models or terrain finished in the current month are eligible for entry, no matter when it was started. So if you've already finished a pile of minis since New Year’s, make sure to enter them in the voting thread as outlined below! Or if you're one of those ambitious people whose resolution it was to finish at least one project per month, you still have some time!

+++FYSC 2023+++

The mission:

To finish stuff! Any stuff! Half-finished projects from two years ago, new shiny things bought two days ago! Infantry, terrain, vehicles, terrain on vehicles, Scifi, Fantasy, both, you name it!

The entries:
No signup required, all entries are welcome, as are pictures of your progress. WIPs, banter and encouragement go right here in this thread, while finished entries go into the FYSC voting and entry threads, which will be created on the 20th of each month (or as close to that as our schedules allow, we are semi-busy people/transhuman machines/toxic waterfowl).

The voting threads:
These will be linked from here, and we again ask to use them for entries only, and to only create one post per entrant per month. And while we ask that you please do not spam the exact same model several times, multiple pictures for large entries or several perspectives of the same model are allowed. Just use your best judgement!

The votes:
As mentioned above, the entry deadline for painting stuff is the end of the month. The entry deadline for posting pictures of your finished stuff into the monthly thread is the 2nd of the following month. We can of course not stop you from finishing even more stuff in that time if you’re fast, but we do recommend thinking of the end of the month as the painting cut-off for planning’s sake.

After the second deadline, the submissions thread will be turned into a poll, where votes will be cast. After feedback, we have adjusted the way this works to account for numbers of entries. The new formula is “votes to cast = entries -2” with a possible minimum of 1 vote and a maximum of 5. We hope this will level the voting field somewhat. The results will then be reported back here in the main thread when voting closes, no later than the 20th of the following month. You also still get a point for each month you post an entry.

The results:
Prizes are chiefly bragging rights, as previously, and also the satisfaction of having more painted plastic than you started the year with, hopefully anyway. FYSC 2023 will run until November 30th, with crowning of the King of FYSC in mid December.

Future FAQs:
As last year, please feel free to ask if there are any questions. FYSC is a free-wheeling sort of thing, and we can and will change things on the fly if the majority thinks it is a good idea, and new stuff can always be tacked on as we go. There will likely be a separate thread for feedback and suggestions again at some point. Until then...

Have fun and get stuff finished!
Nice, very good start, @Tiny! And fitting that the reigning King of FYSC starts us off. :D Follow His lead!

Thanks. Not sure how much more I'll manage this month. Got a few 3d printed German tanks in need of some transfers and mud, and some Epic stuff in a state of part-painted limbo... but I accidentally re-discovered Mechwarrior 5 this week and that's more appealing than painting at the moment.
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*everybody was kung-fu fighting...*

That's Jan so far, will add more if I get some painted.
The sound effects reminded me of the old saying: "there's nothing more silent than a ninja. And nothing more noisy than a child playing ninja!"
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Used the original tower and the bulkheads, and plastic card for the platforms to replace the cardboard. I have been adding bits to make a more 3D look.

Painting comes next.


This piece was originally built from some pieces of a damaged tower, rather than make it just like the original, I matched the patchwork cardboard this one used with plastic card.


If you look carefully, you will even see some garbage in the corners on the ground level, chains hanging from a bulk head, some identity markings on plates, etc.