Finish Your Stuff Challenge 2024

More progress for this month.


Here it is, March submissions thread!
Only a matter of hours now, before we close for March submissions. So get your finished stuff uploaded, if you didn't already!
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I purchased this damaged Eldrad on eBay (missing his sword) and have been planning on converting him to a regular Farseer for years. Specifically like the conversion used in the second Eldar Codex for third edition.


So off come the arms, staff, and whatever the top of the helmet are called.


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Test piece for my Heavy Gear Southern amphibious force.

I'll make it more brown heavy at the top fading to smaller blotches and stopping by the waist/groin area. The legs will stay purely blue.

I shamelessly took it from Battletech "horizon" camo (camo legs, blue or silver from the waist up) and flipped it. The brown splotches with green dots are actually a 40K camo pattern I saw and liked on a Cadian sniper camo cloak.