Finish Your Stuff Challenge 2024

A still unbearded version of Captain Dangerous checks out some dodgy macguffins at the market.

"There's plenty more in the crates behind ya if you want me to open them up. Hardly cursed at all or so they say..."

April is being consumed by work. My extra day off today is now a workday so there you go.
Looks like illl have an April entry. Mostly terrain.
Finished one model for this month. So I found the resin sword was warped and when I was painting it, it looked really bad, so I cut it out and used the blade of a fantasy elf that had been in my bits box it was definitely lead. Had fun trying out the star pattern and the NMM.

The converted Farseer is finished.



Finished my Tzneetch spell familiar for my warband for Realm of Chaos Paths to Glory. He works with my lvl 20 Chaos Dwart wizard champion, so he has a grimoir and spell scroll to help him out (just for flavor) and can throw the Firestorm of Tzneetch spell. He’s also a mutant, with wings, oversized hands, extra jointed limbs, cloven hooves, scaly skin and protoplasm blood. I wanted him to look a bit like a Pink Horror to keep with the theme.

Edit: this was my first attempt at sculpting a mini. Except for the hands (zombie) and wings (Ral Partha).
Slow progress this month as hobbying ground to a slow crawl while I tried to learn how to paint in the comic book style, possibly created by but certainly perfected and documented by Thunderbrush Studios.

I have now finished a satisfactory test model though.

Now the plan is to get back to speed painting and other quick jobs to try and make a decent FYSC haul for May. I was sorting out my miniatures cabinet today, and one shelf has held 10 fully painted wraithguard for years. At least I thought they were fully painted. This one was lurking at the back half finished, so I brought it out for some edge highlighting, shading on the white, gems and transfers.

1 week left as I’m off for half term, and I’d like to get at least 3 more models of some description finished.
You can now post your finished stuff for May!
Poll up for May.
Consistently good turnout, well done finishers!
The heaving, smoke-belching monstrosity that is the FYSC engine finally released the April results! The most winningest Yaks of May April were, in no particular order:

@Captain Brown
@Trafalgar Law

Yeah, this post had about six errors initially, some of which were kindly pointed out by @MedMos , but I just found a few more. I think I might really have a teeeeeensy bit of an exhaustion issue currently.
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