(Finished!) YCE House Legacy draft (Proofread, Discussion)


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Mar 31, 2017
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Hello! I've completed the first draft of House Legacy for YCE.

The document offers rules for creating your gangs and includes almost all released gangs for playtesting. In there you will also find overhauled weapon traits and reworked skill tables. The prices of all weapons were changed; base costs of humble basic guns were increased, to make melee weapons more appealing. Unlike the YCE core rules, most of stuff here are my own ideas, and not by YCE committee; simply because we never got to discussing weapon balance properly, as the project fizzled out during core rule discussion. While I can safely say that a lot of stuff here are ideas that I've seen or discussed on the forums, such as changing bolters to "special" from "basic" or heavy rework of how blaze works, a lot of changes are based on my personal experience and personal bias.

As with YCE core ruleset, the documents needs proofreading - I'm not a native english speaker and a bit rusty, so there might be some bad grammar here and there.
Finally, with core rules and document for a gang creation, I think that we have a solid base to finally begin playtesting. I would be grateful for any players who participate in playtesting the rules and provide feedback and criticism to improve the rules.

I recommend downloading PDF instead of opening it in browser, because then hyperlinks within documents will work and it'll be easier to navigate. Just in case I'll include both .pdf and .doc files, alongside with fonts that I've used (if you want to try your hand at editing doc, you'll need fonts.)

House Legacy 0.2:
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At first glance Juves take a bit of a kicking, don't they? More expensive relative to Gangers, and they gain less experience. Because of 12" charges being pretty easy to get, and 12" being the range of pistols, any juve that tries shooting is putting themselves at massive risk.

Melee seems to be their only reasonable option for XP gain, but Escher have the only Juve with both M6 and a 50% chance to hit. Even then they're going to need some good weapons to stand a decent chance; Stiletto Knife and a Stub Gun, though, makes them almost as expensive as a Ganger with a Lasgun.

Essentially they feel... stagnant, I guess? They will never advance unless you spend money to give them good enough gear to make that feasible, and even then they will level up more slowly than everyone else in the gang. They're also worse fighters in general than Gangers, which is as it should be, but overall when you are spending your credits on equipment I think people are going to choose to equip the Ganger who has better stats, has better weapon options, and advances more easily. Especially when the difference in cost is, for the most part, pretty small.

I think you may be undervaluing the Attacks characteristic as well, since you've made it easier to reach melee and also made it so that your A characteristic can be used to defend yourself.

I'll try and sit down and go through this all, but that's going to take quite a while given how much there is to get through here!
The way you've worded the Gang Composition means that you can never have more than 6 people in a starting gang, and you aren't actually obliged to take any Gangers or Juves.

I'm assuming the third bullet is meant to be 'equal or less'

EDIT: I'll start putting these as comments in the document, as that's probably more useful
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Regarding juves, they probably need to be cheaper. Although in the case of escher or goliath juves, they are superior to normal gangers in terms for the cost when used for melee. To be honest, I'd prefer for all juves to have WS5+/BS5+ and +1M" compared to gangers, just so we could make them cheaper overall. Also maybe they need additional cost reduction of 5 or even 10 (although a fighter's ability to make 2 actions and count as additional target for target priority has value on its own). In our rules for the campaign, juves do not advance normally, they literally turn into gangers after they get a bit of XP (although thats more of campaign mechanics, which might end up being different).

Attacks I feel are fine at their current cost since you need decent WS as well for them to be useful (compared to BS which is sufficient on its own to make you a good shooter).
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