Finished Zone Mortalis terrain.


Sep 16, 2020
Evening everyone,

I thought I'd start a new thread to show off the finished work on my Zone Mortalis terrain - I have a 16 tile project ongoing, enough to make a 4'x4' board, and I'm hoping to put photos of each finished tile in here as I go.

I currently have 2 finished and 6 more on the go, with the rest of my terrain primed and ready for assembling. All tiles will have their terrain permanently glued down to them, however all the tiles will be modular so will allow for a lot of different configurations, and the terrain layout of each tile will have the surrounding tiles in mind when they are assembled so as to allow for maximum modularity.

Anyway, enough waffling from me, here are photos of my first two tiles - the Security Checkpoint.

Really nice. I especially love the use of led lighting. They work very very well. Did you use the type that are used in kitchen kicboards? 👀
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These are fantastic! How did you paint the Zone Mortalis terrain? My guess is an off white primer, trim painted gunmetal silver, then oil washes. It looks like you didn't apply any metal at all on the columns and walls to save time, I like that idea. The thought of trying to paint the columns and walls in Dark Uprising is daunting for me!