N18 First attempt at HoC list.


Mar 6, 2020
I was really inspired by this list and ended up trying to out my own spin on it. Id like to think it's powerful but I don't want to lose any fiends XD

Forge Tyrant w/ chainaxe, stub/plasma pistol, furnace plates (dermal hardening) (Nerves of Steel) – 215
Stimmer w/ Renderizer, furnace plates, (dermal hardening) (Nerves of Steel) – 180
Stimmer w/ Paired Spud-Jackers, furnace plates, (dermal hardening, overdeveloped musculature) (Nerves of Steel) – 170
Bruiser (Specialist) w/ grenade launcher, smoke grenades, furnace plates – 130
Bruiser w/ boltgun, stub gun , furnace plates – 120
Bruiser w/ boltgun, stub gun, furnace plates - 120
Bully w/ brute cleaver, stub gun, furnace plates - 65
= 1000