N18 First Cawdor Gang

May 10, 2019
I've been planning a potential starting list for my first Cawdor gang. Not going for WAAC here, but want to be fun and competitive.

Please can you have a look at my planned gang list and see what you think?

Wordkeeper, mesh armour, great sword, stub gun
Firebrand, flak armour, long rifle
Deacon, mesh armour, grenade launcher, stub gun
Firebrand, flak armour, stub gun, bomb rats, blasting charges
3x Brethern, blunderpole, flak armour
3x Bonepickers, stub gun

An alternative leader would be: Redemptor priest, mesh armour, chain axe with exterminator, stub gun. However, I've done a conversion with for the great sword wielding Wordkeeper which just looks really cool! Is there much difference between the two options?

I realise the Rat Bomber may not be optimal, but again it just looks really good fun!

Any general comments or advice on the list?
Hm i would give the firebrand a auto pole. Its 20 C more and hives him a melee weapon at S 4. And beter ranged attack. Its cool whir bomb rats bot normaly you run out of granedes after one or two bombs and then its nice to have something else than a stub pistol. If you need more starting credits drop some flack armor. You can get that later one :)
a cheap knife on the bone pickers is worth it for an extre melee attack.
bomb rats are good for a laugh but random.
i always like a specialist with a longrifle and scope sat back in cover.
welcome to the empraahs ranks.
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Had a think and taking on board some of the comments I think I'm going to change it to this:

Redemptor Priest, mesh armour, stub gun, chain axe, exterminator
Firebrand, flak armour, long rifle
Firebrand, flak armour, crossbow
Redemptor Brethern (specialist), grenade launcher, stub gun
3x Brethern, blunderpole
3x Bonepickers, stub gun, axe
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Drop the flack armour every where. Just a waste of credits. You can go to the Trade Post for mesh or better later. Faith shall be thy Shield!. Especially your brethren and bone pickers. They should earn better stuff.
Basic flak armour only gives you a boost when facing tones of blast or templates. If you are facing lots of templates you are likely facing opposing Cawdor and hazard suits will actually protect better as they mitigate Blaze.
You could fit in a extra bone pickers for the savings.
Keep the greatsword under rule of cool, not a bad choice rules wise either, and crazy bomb rats can just be bonkers and fun. Later on get him more grenade types as he will run out.
Grenade launchers alway put in the work. Later on get smoke grenades at a minimum. They are useful on their own and when your launcher fails a 6+ ammo roll from its Krak grenade you reload it with the 4+ smoke grenades and all your ammo types are reloaded.
Aim for eventually having at least 6 bone pickers and 2 ordinary brethren over what you think you need. To take advantage of Devout Masses. Ok you can only field a extra 2-4 fighters with those rules but you can expect a lot of your gang to be in recovery on a rotating roster.
Blunderpoles are your friend.
Go forth and Praise the Emperor!
Gonna be honest, I love your first list.

What I would do, as Lunar mentioned, is get rid of flak and throw a couple extra bodies in there.

Axes are great on bonepickers, but out of the gate spwnd the credits elsewhere because they wont do much work. Most of the time theyre mainly there tonrun interference, block for your firepower and get objectives.

TBH, wordkeeper with greatsword is phenomenal, you can spend the extra creds on a chain glaive, but sever on the greatsword will give you a decent advantage.

Personally, I would run your first list without the flak armor, and change the rat firebrand to the heavy crossbow. (I think you save enough credits)