N18 First gang, themed Venators


May 30, 2017
Greeley, CO
My first gang for a league starting up next week (mix of vets and newbies like me). Going for a theme of an Inquisition cell tasked with infiltrating the Underhive. Cell is composed of ex-gangers, wastelanders, and indentured tech-clan warriors. Primary Skills are Cunning and Ferocity. Just looking for thoughts on how best to play the gang, or general comments in the game. Thanks!

Slyss (Hunt Leader 1) 195 creds - Nerves of Steel, Powersword, Autopistol w/manstopper rounds, mesh armor
Niks Twin-Eye (Hunt Champion 3) 160 creds - Infiltrate, Stiletto sword, Bolt pistol, mesh armor
Markos (Hunt Champion 4) 205 creds - Overwatch, Plasmagun, Reclaimed autopistol, mesh armor
Syvara (Hunter 3) 125 creds - Stiletto sword, Bolt pistol, mesh armor
Little Sister (Hunter 3) 125 creds - Stiletto sword, Bolt pistol, mesh armor
Crixsus (Hunter 4) 95 creds - Kroot long rifle, mesh armor
Peck (Hunter 1) 85 creds - Autogun, Reclaimed autopistol, mesh armor
Leftover creds - 10

Pics here - https://yaktribe.games/community/media/albums/cell-alpha-1-1-3.11674/
Looks great! You're definitely following the rule of cool!
Depending on how your friends build their lists, you may struggle with using such a melee focused gang. I'm feeling like your infiltrating Champion is going to struggle to pull his weight. Also, maybe take a look at swapping/dropping those Bolt Pistols; they're a bit overcosted for what they do. An Auto Pistol and a Plasma Pistol are better and around the same cost as two Bolt Pistols.
Hmm. Based on that, I've worked out a possible change that may give me a little more range, or at least the ability to pop off some shots while moving forward.
Niks, Syvara, and Little Sister lose the bolt pistols - changed out for reclaimed autopistols.
Syvara and Little Sister gain a shotgun each (I'm assuming they can hide a cut-down shotgun somewhere....).
Looking at giving Niks a webber when possible, or maybe a combi-gun with a flamer.

Since this is a starter/casual league, I'm not looking for the best possible loadouts, just something that is fun and will not get stomped every match. Question about my close combat three- should I be looking to upgrade the stiletto swords to powerswords, or would putting my creds in some more bodies be the way to go?
Oh, and am I able to have a Hunter (Specialist) at Gang Creation, or just have to advance them up via Experience Points? I'd like to have Crixsus with a long rifle, as he is a sniper, but Hunters are only able to take basic weapons.