N18 First time 1k Cred Enforcers

Can we talk? I spent a career with college educated peers. I think I could have written this letter. But, a lot of folks I worked with could not. This is cogent and compelling. Well written and well formatted. Well done!

On the other hand, WTF? I mean, you had me at "Greetings." As an Arbitrator, my default is "Why not?" What the hell, this ain't MY game! It's OUR game! Wanna lose players before you even start? Tell them they can't play the gang they want to play, and for your own uninformed reasons. Bad way to try to show who's boss.

My LAST cop out...Gangs are innocent until proven guilty. How in the world can you prove Enforcers ain't OP, if you can't even play them (not that you need to prove it, they are an official gang that has roots in the original game, and you CANNOT make them overpowered, anyway; I've tried)?

Good luck taking it before the Judge. Dammit! I just can't help myself!

They're still a work in progress but getting there 🙂
The yellow on the armour is actually Hi-Vis but doesn't seem to show up very well on the camera.
High visibility element are certainly fluffy on Enforcer uniforms. I used yellow fluor paint for the lights on the back. I reckon it is supposed to work as Tigers Eyes soldiers wear. (Rubber band around helmet with two glow-in-the-dark strips located in the back. Simple nighttime close range IFF element.)

Still deciding what other colours to paint the shield as it looks a bit bland but they are complete for the most part 😊
Couldn't one also equip a Subjugator captain with a SLHG and Shield? since the Sledge isn't an unwieldy weapon, it doesn't take 2 hands for melee.