N18 First time at Cawdor


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May 11, 2013
Hey all hoping I could get some feed back on my cawdor list, I've never run a cawdor gang before so I have no idea as to what to look out for.

reclaimed auto pistol
Bomb rats
Over seer

Heavy x bow
reclaimed auto pistol

Heavy x bow
reclaimed auto pistol

2x ganger
reclaimed autogun
reclaimed autopistol

2x ganger
reclaimed autopistol

Long rifle
stub gun

Stub gun
Smoke grenade

Haven't assigned any skills to the heavies yet either
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Bomb rats aren't that useful on the leader without grenades ;) I'd maybe swap out the icon for some. I would also consider fitting in a blunderbuss or two instead of the melee fighters.
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I quite like the idea of dual crossbows, but with all the tools on your gang leader as well, you're a bit light on fancier weapons as a result.

In terms of specific comments:

Is the thinking behind the pistols on your ranged gangers (autogun, crossbow) that it nets you an extra attack in CC? If you're married to the bomb rats from day 1, you could maybe claw back some points there.

I also wonder if it's worth dropping a bit of the fancy gear (bomb rats, icon) to net yourself an extra ganger.

Also, maybe try and find the cash for a CC weapon for the juve - he's set up as short range, but unlike your gangers, lacks a CC weapon.
crossbows are good for 3d, but if you'll be playing the 2d game much then they're less useful. Same goes for long rifle - on 2d you will rarely be able to use it's long range hit bonus

The combi-flamer is well cheap for what it is, cheaper than a crossbow and will be much more useful in 2d. also puts a champ closer to your gangers who can use his group activation... the blunderbuss polearms are amazing for your gangers, but as above, they are awesome for 2d but not so good in 3d.

bomb rats need grenades and require an action to use them, perhaps your boss is better off not being that guy, at least at the start of the campaign, or give him the smoke grenades so he can actually use it.

As you have 2 shooty champs you'll need your boss up front to use the group activation skill, and a cult icon will make that even more powerful, but your gangers aren't very scary so that tactic will not be very effective until you can upgrade their weapons (although if they had blunderbusses and you were playing 2d that tactic would be nails).

having said all that, it all comes down to your playstyle and how committed you are to worshiping the Emperor. If your faith holds true then none can withstand the Will of the Emperor...