N18 First time Enforcer list


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Mar 27, 2024
Hey call putting together a first necromunda enforcer list. Was just looking to get some thought on it. Didn't just wanna run a full patrolman Enforcer boltgun list as that seems boring

-Subjagator Captian, shock stave, vigilant assault sheild, threat response
-Enforcer Sargent, sniper rifle, overwatch
-Enforcer Sargent, Enforcer boltgun, fast shot
-Subjagator, proton flash grenades, Vigilant assault sheild
-Subjagator, proton flash grenades, vigilant assault sheild
-Enforcer patrolman, concussion carbine
-Enforcer patrolman, Enforcer bolt gun.
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Hello and welcome!

The structure of your list is good to start, but I think you should possibly rethink some of the choices in your load outs.
The first thing to know about the Enforcers is that they are definitely not a melee-focused gang. They're mediocre at close combat, at best. They'll lose a fist fight against any gang that isn't Van Saar. They are, however, a rather good shooting gang. With regards to guns, pretty much all of their choices are good. Grenade Launcher, Combat (Enforcer) Shotgun, Boltgun, Concussion Carbine and even the Sniper Rifle. The only really bad choice you can make is to take no long gun at all. A Stub Gun, Shield and a stick are not going to accomplish much, especially with that 4+ WS that everyone except the Captain has.

With that in mind, I would suggest that you re-equip all your Subjugators. Drop the Shields, grenades and the stick on the Captain and replace them with Grenade Launchers and maybe a Shotgun.

If you really want a touch of melee ability in the gang to start, you can put an SLHG Assault Ram on the Captain with Threat Response, to make your opponents possibly regret charging anyone close to him. That said, it's probably not optimal, though it is kinda cool... and the built in Grenade Launcher will still do good work.

Kind of the same thing with the Sniper Rifle... a Boltgun or even a Concussion Carbine is probably better, but few things are cooler than having a Sniper, even if he misses half the time. Just make sure that you never have more than one of those.