Necromunda Fixing GW Zone Mortalis biggest failings


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Oct 23, 2022
I wasn’t sure if this was the best place for this because everyone on here seems to be extremely experienced with Necromunda. This place is a goldmine of awesome ideas and knowledgeable people.

But if you like a YouTube channel focussed on fixing some of GW’s Zone Mortalis terrain quirks then consider checking out:

Or not.

The last episode of The Mandalorian is out - so there’s always that to watch instead…

Thanks! Yeah I’m the creator on the channel. I hope it helps this community.
I like your channel, found it a little while back - in fact I posted a link to one of your videos in a thread here back at the beginning of April - so that’s a few extra views you’ve had.

It was the fill a 4x4 Zone Mortalis table one. As I said at the time, nice to see some videos showing how you can extend your plastic purchase with scratch built stuff rather than being told to just buy 16 sets of them.

I also quite like the flat sump ideas, it looks very useful for us with game mats.

Plus I could actually make use of those Tox pool rules from the 2017 box again.
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