N18 Flooding/gas ceiling

Oct 13, 2020
I'm considering a scenario where flood waters rise, either steadily or randomly, gradually forcing the models up through the terrain levels.

The alternative would be a pall of lighter-than-air gas which affects the top level to start with and travels down. Has anyone ever tried these before?

I'm favouring the gas idea so far as it would force the gangs together rather than forcing them apart, and models would always have the ground level to prevent them getting stuck in one place.
Something similar used to happen when we did zombie horde scenarios; once the horde got big enough the ground got too dangerous to use and groups got stranded!
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There were scenarios of both those situations and of "moving spill puddles of liquid nitrogen" in the various N95 [ORB] scenarios. You will find some in the Vault, if you look up scenarios > ORB.


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Dec 29, 2017
It would be a lethal version of "Claim The Spire". Instead of climbing upwards to win, you climb upwards to survive. Mix Badzone Environment "Sump Sea" with Badzone Event "Toxic Downpour" and you are pretty close to what you're describing. For other similar scenarios, check out "Toll Bridge" for special rules of moving and even rowing the toxic sump.

Many scenarios also have effects that change the battlefield from round to round: "The Conveyer", "Fungal Horror", "Toll Bridge" and "Esscape the Pit!".
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