N17 Forgeworld Sumpkroc Revealed


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Apr 1, 2017

New sumpkroc, with shorter maw due to budget cut. That's one ugly kroc, ugly in a sense that the one from the concept look better.
aww man he's wearing a wig.
Bummer on the budget croc. Especially after the ridiculously long wait.
Silver linings and all = I won't be spending money on this.
Not sure even a halfway decent paint job can save this sculpt.
The one good thing about this mini is its base (assuming they made it available separately). I've been waiting for some 40mm Necromunda bases for my Ogryns.
I found the Sector Mechanicus bases (available in multiple sizes) to be more interesting. It is unclear to me why they even made the Necromunda bases, as the Sector Mechanicus bases have more character and actually matches the terrain, something the necromunda bases does not. Ended up mixing base types for all gangs/minis.
Sector mechanicus didn't have 25mm base, which is the one everyone but Goliath use. If i had to take a guess I'd say that is all the left over budget can afford.
Well that’s one ugly model. Hard to say if it’s the sculpt or paint or a mix of both. Guess crocs are supposed to be ugly but... ...ergh.
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He looks much better in those unpainted pics. Of course he'll still be expensive with no release date but... Looking better at least.
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