Necromunda Free (as in beer) proxies?


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Apr 7, 2021
Hello scummers,

I've been banished back to the underhive after 15 or so terran years.

I'm currently having some fun combining multiple hobbies of 3D printing, painting and gaming with miniatures. Some results are here.

Given the unreliable nature of my FDM setup (most are using SLA these days) I'm reluctant to pay for models that may not print well, or are designed with more detail than my printer can handle.

On a quick look through thingiverse: other than GSC, AM and Chaos carry-overs from 40k, it seems only Orlocks and Palanites have some viable options due to being generic-ish (and perhaps various Hulk models with swapped heads could be Goliaths).

I'm struggling to find free (as in beer) collections of ganger proxies for other gangs.

Is there any reason there are no free models in the list?

I ask in case there is either some moral objection, or simple lack of applicable models?

In the 40k world, once I found a way in, there were plentiful proxies for me to try on my setup.

I wonder whether, for Necromunda, I have just not found the rare (e.g. strangely named, (or listed only on a Discord) free models?

I posted this same Q on reddit and was sent to a paid producer's cults page.