Freebooter's Fate - PIR vs. IMP - Regroup


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Apr 7, 2018
This scenario was slightly altered by me as it takes place in a city. As I don't own any nice building models associated with the pirate era the two factions, Imperial Armada and Pirates, will have to fight it out in a forest area with a few ruins and huts.

Background Info:
Both factions have spread out on the search for something. Whether this is an item or a person doesn't matter. They have searched for it the whole night and when the sun rises again an alarm is sounded from their ships. All members of a faction now make haste to reach their Regroup area but there is an opportunity to attack their rival faction while they are on the run.

Scenario goals:
A faction receives points for each unharmed member which reaches the Regroup area (full hiring cost, model has to be in contact with their board edge).
A faction also receives points for removing models from the opposing faction from the board (full hiring cost)
Models which are slightly injured (above or equal 50% HP) and make it to the Regroup area are worth half their hiring cost.

Regroup area (PIR) : upper board edge from first pic in battle report
Regroup area (IMP) : lower board edge

Spread out:
Models of both factions are spread out while having been on the search for something. Because of this they start the game in the middle of the board assigned to spots randomly.

This chaotic setup should favor the Pirates but we will have to see.

Board: 120 cm x 120 cm

Game Size: 330 pts.

Game length: 8 turns

Capitan Garcia (Leader)
(Old wooden whistle, Backup pistol)
Terrence der Armada (Specialist)
(Bag full of sand)
2 x Arquebusier (male and female)

Regicide (Leader)
Estrella Nocturnal (Mercenary)
(Dagger of Blood, Loas: Volute & Intrigue)

Game mechanics:
Everything is resolved by drawing cards from a deck. Combat, fleeing, morale, etc. Whenever a faction draws a "1" (which has a treasure chest printed on) they must draw an event card. Only up to TWO event cards may be hold in hand at a time.

Each model has two action points (AP) . Actions presented in scenario were:

1 AP: Move, Attack (Melee or Ranged), Reload (single-handed gun), Ausholen (Engl.: Power Blow: adds bonus damage to following attack in same turn, only melee), Order (only one per turn, only Leaders may issue them), Voodoo (only mystics), Concentrate (only mystics)

2 AP: Sturmangriff (Engl.: Charge) , Rally, Reload (two-handed gun), Feuersturm (Engl.: Hail of Bullets, specific skill of Teniente, fires two pistols at once)

Example of an attack:
1. Choose weapon
2. Designate target
3. Check range
4. Attacker uses a number of cards as displayed in his profile (usually two). Defender uses usually three cards. Those cards depict body areas. Both players reveal ALL their chosen CARDS at the same time. A card is negated if the Defender played the same card as the Attacker. If the Attacker played a single UNNEGATED card then he scored a hit. Two or more unnegated cards score a critical hit (see below).
5. Now both players draw a card from the fate deck and add it's number either to their weapon strength (Attacker) or their toughness score (Defender German: W, usually 3). The value of the defender is reduced from the value of the attacker. If the result is positive damage has been done to the defender in the same amount which the two scores differed from each other.

Critical hits:
A critical hits cripples body areas and weakens a fighter. When is such a hit generated?

- The attacker must score at least one point of damage.
- After damage has been dealt a critical hit check will be performed. Attacker draws a fate card and when the score drawn is equal or less to the damage scored then a critical has been dealt.
- The Attacker played two or more UNNEGATED body area cards. However the attacker still needs to do at least one point of damage but doesn't need to check for crits anymore like described above.

This is way more complex than combat.

Turns uploaded:
All turns have been uploaded.

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Apr 4, 2017
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It seems like the order is reversed? So the “start” of the BatRep is actually the end?

While clicking on the pics does give more detail than the thumbnail shows, I was looking for more… narrative to the action.
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Apr 7, 2018
I previously posted in the other thread that my battle report would consist of pics and an intro to describe the mechanics. There is no crying in war games.