Necromunda From Hoard To Hive (WIP Terrain)

So I did eventually get some paint on the wall experiment. Three colors, nothing special. They match up with the photo backdrop I made awhile back. There was also a tiny end piece on the walls that I removed. One was ruined, one looks like a bunch of crates under a tarp. So that’s how I painted them up.

Added a poster to wall two. Had to start over from scratch with the posters because all the ones I had made before I made in Word, and it didn’t transfer over when i got a new computer. So…my dimensions were a bit off and they came out kinda large. Like movie poster sized. And that was after I shrunk them down a bit. I used one of the first batch on this wall.

one thing I learned from these two walls is that graffiti on this kind of textured material doesn’t work like regular graffiti. It’s very hard to read. Outlines are pretty much necessary.
Oops! Just realized I put this in finished not WIP…

=][= Did you? Did you really? - Luv Stoof =][=
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