From Zero to Infinity (N4)

How do the CB plastics compare to GW plastics?
Not the same. The CB plastics are a softer and have a bit of a texture. I was worried they’d mark if I sanded them but they were fine. Also the texture isn’t noticeable after a basecoat. I was actually surprised that there wasn’t any warping. So far they’re only really doing the big minis and remotes in plastic although there is a new S2 (man sized) model up for pre-order now which is in a new more resin based plastic which I haven’t seen in the flesh but there are reviews of on YouTube.
Yeah, they’re multipart kits and they’re not pre-primed. You do have a bit of clean up to do but mould lines are minimal. It’s hard to describe. It’s almost like fantasy flight‘s soft plastics except it doesn’t seem to warp, McMurrough’s sword and the bearpode’s boarding shotgun are laser straight right out of the box. I guess the texture helps ‘key’ the undercoat to the model too but there is definitely a sharpness to the detail on the metal minis that isn’t there on the plastics. That’s not to say they lack detail though, they are stunning minis, I’m more than happy with them and they won’t chip like Duroc will. And As I say, the texture is not noticeable at all once you slap a basecoat on.
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Do they stick with plastic cement or do they need superglue?
I assumed it wouldn’t and didn’t even bother trying plastic cement so not sure. Superglue bit really fast though (probably the texture??) and bponded really well. I got one of McMurrough’s legs slightly out of alignment and the bond was stronger than the plastic. Ended up snapping the leg and having to sculpt in a join.
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Going to have to cover this over a couple of posts for the images.

so with Boltmeet fast approaching, I had all my army painted except for my warcor (essentially a journalist from the TV network called Maya) and my ITS season 14 Corsair which is a Haqqislam Bashi Bazouk. So I got these guys painted.

then finished the last 2 objective markers

and carried on to start painting some extra terrain

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice, of the very few photos we took, none of them feature any of the objectives or terrain I painted, as I did what any sane person would do and put them away in my display cabinet so I would see them when I was packing up my gear. I them promptly forgot to pack them and had to borrow some dragons teeth from @Tiny to play the missions.
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Boltmeet infinity tournament.

4 games in a weekend. How hard can it be?

Very is the answer I bet none of you were thinking!

I selected my lists prior to the tournament. I wanted a ‘get stuff done’ list with lots of midfield button pushers and a ’heavy hitting’ list as I knew the JSA (@Kixz. ), Panoceania (@Edelweiss ) and Yu Jing (@Resmire ) all had access to heavy infantry (HI)options I could only dream of.

If you have the infinity Army App you can see my lists by copying and pasting the following codes:

A team:

B team:

note, those codes only work on the mobile app version of infinity army, and not the PC version.

Round 1 Vs @Resmire - Battleground

Battleground is about dominating table thirds in between the deployment zone. You get more points for dominating the zone furthest from your deployment zone. My first dilemma was which list to run. I picked my B list as I felt certain that @Resmire would be packing a lot of HI and I knew he’d brought his TAG - TAGis Tactical Armour Gear, basically a gundam style dreadnaught. However, he played his pain train list for this one which meant he had some pretty epic stats for his core fire team packing +1 burst & +3 BS for a pure core. I realised early on I would have to deal with his doctor as he kept a Yao Zao with his core and kept healing everyone I killed. Up stepped Duroc to parachute in behind enemy lines and double-chain rifles the doctor in the face.

while the pain train outflanked my main force, I essentially stayed out of their way moving into the zones @Resmire had just left - his dilema was that because he had such a large concentration of points in his core team, he was too thinly spread to contest the other zones. My Kosmosoldats with their portable autocannon and HMG kept them locked on the flank whilst I sauntered into the remaining zones with William Wallace and his Varangian body guard. A particular highlight was when Liang Kai in a Harris of Shaolin Warrior Monks somersaulted onto the roof to attack my cammo marker, who promptly revealed herself to be an SAS forward observer and calmly shot gunned them all dead, although she also died in the process is was a good trade. A hard fought win for me here, with my manoeuvrability just about edging it 6-4

Round 2 Vs @Edelweiss Cut-throat.
Cut-throat is as straightforward as it gets. Kill more enemies than the enemies kill you. I picked the A team for this one for one main reason - the Bear!

So the game started really well for me. I got to go first, and seeing as I had some pretty nasty ARO pieces in there with my volkolaks in a core (a burst 2 missile launcher and burst 4 HMG from BS15 is no joke. I used a command token to be able to deploy these after @Edelweiss had finished her deployment. shed left who I thought was Joan of arc (but just turned out to be a grunt) vulnerable so I smashed her with missiles from my volkolak and ended up killing fake Joan, her lieutenant and both her doctors in the first turn. Annoyingly she did have a sniper in a really good position pinning my guys down meaning I was having to use a lot of smoke to get around the place. This worked particlu well with my Varangian/unknown ranger Harris. Able to drop smoke with the Varangian and the ranger able to shoot through it with his MultiSpectral Visor (MSV). Edelweiss was crucially short of MSV. I was able to kill off her remaining forces on the flank in turn 2 and this meant the bear could come to play - and cocaine bear is an absolute BEAST! He chomped his way through the remainder of the army with @Edelweiss moving her sniper to counter the bear she got shotgun Ed in the back of the head by a cammo’d up SAS (it was a very lucky roll to be fair) which gave bear the freedom to eat through the rest of the army, taking down her bulleteer drone and 3 knights including the hulking knight of the holy sephulcre with his rocket powered trench hammer. An overwhelming victory for me here.

Due to games lasting much longer than the allocated 2 hours we decided to knock the weekend down to three games. My Final game was against Kixz. JSA

round 3 Vs @Kixz. Superiority
Superiority is good fun. You have to hack 3/4 consoles and dominate quadrants. Now it’s fair to say that in his previous 2 games, @kixz had been soundly thrashed. Some unlucky dice rolls contributed to this but the biggest contributing factor was he was up until 4am on the morning of the meet painting these guys:

Tired and tilted, he was making some pretty poor decisions. @Resmire on the other hand had smashed his next two games so in order to win the tournament I had to lose and score decent victory points or win. Well, after a sound night’s sleep, @Kixz was a thoroughly different proposition. He deployed well, killed the bear early on and left me looking pretty vulnerable. It unraveled a bit in the second turn for him, he had a lot of points in one quadrant with his TAG, and unfortunately for him, he dithered a bit about what to do with it. It got taken down by the Volkolak missile launcher, and although he did manage to repair it with engineer Yuriko Oda, it wasn’t enough to deny me an extremely hard fought victory and perhaps the best and most enjoyable game I’ve played up to now.

So what did I learn? Tons! The 300 point games were a bit much for us I think, there’s a lot to keep on top of and there’s some powerful combos and units a plenty that an experienced player could probably deal with, but we aren’t quite there yet. The Bear is AWESOME. The moment he charged out of the smoke into combat with the knight hospitaller was so cinematic and he literally smashed him to pieces in combat. My Kosmosoldat who I’d always not really bothered for are great too. Armour 6, 9 in cover means your way over 50/50 on most armour saves and the auto cannon does the business with it’s explosive ammo.

Now, there was quite a bit of stress and shouting going on at our table. Partly because of @Kixz. being tired and throwing bad dice rolls and a lot of it from peeps just generally not understanding the rules and my apparent inability to explain them. The meet committee have now dubbed infinity “that game that makes everyone angry” which is hilarious.

I’m looking forward to playing a couple of smaller games again and this time going with the standard missions which use the classified objectives (we couldn’t do that this time because 3 out of the 4 of us don’t have the objective deck or a high value target!).

So that’s me played 6 won 6. Happy days!
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