FutureShock - A lightweight Necromunda-esc game about gangs fighting in the post apocalypse

Hello all. I just wanted to let you guys know about a game I stumbled upon about two weeks ago. I was looking for something new to play with my kid on Wargame Vault and stumbled onto a light skirmish game called FutureShock by CPOP(CrushPop Productions). It plays like a light Necromunda, the rules a easy enough to learn(my kid is 5), the games are fast and super fun. it is styled after a "minizine", both in release and size once printed(makes a cool mini rule book, not unlike what used to come with some miniature, IE Chinatown). There are three volumes out right now(a forth coming sometime in December February), and each volume is $.99. It is played on a 1x1 table, but I have had great experience playing on a 2x2. The creator of the game is a pretty cool guy, and open to adding fan suggestions into upcoming volumes(I just sent him my homebrewed weapons list). I will post links in at the end of this post for anyone who is interested.

On a note about the games I played with my son. He tabled me the first two games (HMGs are deadly, even more so on a mech[counted as tank, because he wanted a mech suit lol]). Last game we played I bodied the little war monger, and got enough victory points to get me a powerhouse of a ganger.

for the zine layout, this is what is in each book:
FS1: Core rules
FS2: More weapons and vehicle rules
FS3: Campaign rules, roster sheet and Thrasher(Unit) cards
FS4: Even more weapons(written by yours truly ;) ), new scenarios, and more mutations comes out 2/26/2021
FS5: Label Acidshock, unsure as to the contents, comes out 03/05/2021. By the looks of the cover art, it may be fantasy base. Kind of hoping so, I have too many fantasy miniatures and my son wasn't able to grasp Mordhiem.
Update: 6/24/2021: This module came out a few months ago, and it is great! if you have some fantasy minis laying around, it is worth the $1(USD) investment. I have put a battle report up on youtube, the link is below.
FS6: More weapons and more rules for vehicles. Essentially, you can created a good Gorka Morka alternative with this book ;)
FS7: Another rule expansion that is incoming. *unreleased*
FS8: Another rule expansion, this one adds CPop's Goremageddon lore into the game. *unreleased*

For anyone interested in seeing how the flow of the game works, I have added a battle report to my youtube channel. My son and I play a quick game of AcidShock. Plays very similar to FutureShock, with the addition of magic.
AcidShock battle report

Note: I just became affiliated with CPOP as a sponsored painter, but I was a fan prior to being accepted into their "CVLT Visionaries" program.

*Update 1 2/25/2021*
Added in the release date for FS4 and FS5
*Update 2 6/24/2021*
Added information of the release of FS4 and FS5. Added two more upcoming books to the list, and added a link to a battle report my son and I did.
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Is it d6 based?
Sounds like fun
D10 actually. It is super fun, and dirt cheap(plus only three pages of paper if you make all three of the the minizines). I am gonna try and convince my wife to make a gang(lord knows I have enough minis for it). Once I cross that hurtle, I will let you know how a 3 way skirmish goes.