FYSC April Submissions Thread

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Jan 19, 2019
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Welcome to the fourth FYSC submissions thread of 2024!

As previously on FYSC, the most important rule in the submissions thread is, only make one post with pictures of your finished models.
This is to avoid clutter and make it easier to set the vote up, and for yakkers to peruse when deciding who to vote for.
The rest of the rules are here, which is also where you can post banter/praise/questions about this and that.

Looking forward to seeing your finished stuff once again!
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Not much variety this month- a friend's IG armyneeded to be painted before a tournament we are going to the 27th, so I helped out and got 18 Bullgryns done. Probably won't get anything else done, as I've got some gaming to do which will take up most of my hobby time. Still, better than nothing!



First submission of the year. After painting almost nothing for about 6 months, by my very low standards April was a bit of a barnstormer. It started with some Acolyte characters and then I got very inspired and started spending at least a little time almost every day at the hobby desk. I finished up 3 suitably bizare and grim dark building-slaved servitors to dot around our underhive tables. Meanwhile, I turned my attention to a bunch of models for the board game Etherfields. I used a zenithal prime and contrast paints. I'm late to this particular party, but better late than never - this technique meant I could often finish a miniature or two in 20 minutes. I found time to convert and paint a blood bowl wraith for YakComp 51, and then just before the wire I also FINALLY finished Jain Zar, who has been on the painting desk for about 4 years.