FYSC February Submissions Thread

Pick up to 5 of your favourite submissions for this month!

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Sump Duck

Yak Comp 3rd Place
Mar 9, 2020
Welcome to the 'Finish Your Stuff Challenge' submissions thread for February 2022!

This thread is for submissions only so I would ask that you only make a single post once you are ready with your final submission for the month. You can add multiple photos to your post but please try not to add multiple photos of the same miniature, although you can edit multiple angles together into a single image if you need or feel so inclined.

The deadline for getting your submissions in is the end of the month and on the 1st of March this thread will have a pole added to it with all this months entries. You will then have until the 20th of March to cast your votes for your favourite 5 (or less if you're feeling stingy) after which the poll will close and a new submissions thread will be opened for the month of March.

This challenge is open to everyone, you don't need to have 'signed up' anywhere to enter something for any given month so can join in any month you have something finished to share. The same goes for voting, anyone can vote once the poll is open. The main FYSC 2022 thread can be found here!

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Captain Brown

Gang Champion
Nov 4, 2019
First five of the promised Van Saars for February.
Gang Leader, Heavy, two Gangers, and a Juve.



Four Howling Banshees.




Another two Van Saars.
A Heavy and a Ganger.


So eleven figures completed during the month.


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Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
Staff member
Yak Comp 2nd Place
Tribe Council
Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
My February offering - I completed my Bolt Action 8th Army "Reinforced Platoon". 2 infantry squads, vickers team, medium & light mortar teams, anti-tank rifle team, 25pdr gun & crew, sniper team, Matilda II tank, 2 bren carriers & additional crew, officer, medic, pigeon wrangler & radio operator. Phew!

Not only is this the most I've ever painted for an FYSC, I'm sure it's the most I've ever painted in one month.

Feb22 FYSC.jpg

Oh, and this guy girl who was the test model for the 8th Army scheme.
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Gang Hero
Honored Tribesman
Nov 14, 2018
Having only got one model done this month, having done three times my normal amount last month...
I would like to introduce Mr Tickles...
Mr Tickles had been having a bad day, he had being working through his self help book and decided that he would set up a stall at the market. He would sell holemade Lemmingade with free hugs.... Nobody came near his stall or the other traders closest to him and then the Watch arrived, not having a traders permit he had decided to disappear back to his nest. Not long into his meal, he had been disturbed by the sounds of a Cawdor zealot band setting fire to his tower building screaming about heretics, witches and mutants! He'd offered them hugs and explaining that he was the only occupant now, but all they did was scream and try setting him on fire.....


Gang Hero
Yak Comp 1st Place
Jan 19, 2019
Sectoris XII | Castrum Vindobona | Austria
Did not get much done this month, but here are two dudes with serious BO problems:

Halitosus, Malignant Blight Caster of Nurgle, and his absolutely impossible to miss buddy, Tinnitus, Noxious Blightbringer of Nurgle, with his little friend Bel'boi:

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