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Let's get this thing started! As threatened, here is the January submissions thread out of nowhere.

Welcome to the 'Finish Your Stuff Challenge' submissions thread for January 2023!

This thread is for submissions only so I would ask that you only make a single post once you are ready with your final submission for the month. You can add multiple photos to your post but please try not to add multiple photos of the same miniature, although you can edit multiple angles together into a single image if you need or feel so inclined.

The deadline for getting your submissions in is on February 2nd and then this thread will have a poll added to it with all this months entries. You will then have until the 20th of February to cast your votes for your favourites.

This challenge is open to everyone, you don't need to have 'signed up' anywhere to enter something for any given month so can join in any month you have something finished to share. The same goes for voting, anyone can vote once the poll is open.
Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Post away!
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Since I have had medical issues limiting my various capabilities and scuttled all my initial plans, I have had to scrape together one figure and two pieces of terrain.







Hopefully posting in the correct thread this time.

Ok I’m in. Here’s my finished stuff for January.

Epic Tanks. These were already primed red for months so just finished off all the highlights and details.

Skarsnik. Painted for Yakcomp 45.

Test Indians. First few done to try out the colour scheme. About 100 left to go.
Ok, I suppose I do have something...

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I have some actual miniatures - some of which were mostly done before Christmas - that I haven't quite managed to finish. I thought I might have nothing, but then I remembered this. I can't say exactly when I finished it, but I know it wasn't ready for the game we played on new year's eve, so it must have been at some point in January.

Since I don't have any finished miniatures, it's hard to convey size - but those steps are a reasonable scale and that is a Citadel skull that I added on one of them.
My own entry for January, just a couple of minis I finished for games the weekend before last. A present of a sword-wielding maniac for my friends' Redemptionists, and a zombie for my Scavvies to lure into battle. The zombie was "underpainted" by my youngest son, so had some... interesting colour choices. I gave it all a wash and highlighted over it, and it gave a pretty good result! Luckily, zombies are not marred by peculiar skin tones. :giggle:



Sorry for the delay, all. I'll be back later today with results, so any last minute voters/votechangers, consider yourselves notified!
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